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Thread: Escort required for girl

  1. Default Escort required for girl

    Hi there ladies

    I am a 19 year old girl who would like to experience a girl on girl session, I would like an escort around my own age who would have no problem shoiwng me the joys of a woman.

    I have a male partner who would watch but not join in ,

    Hope to hear from you soon


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    Default i love playing with women

    im a little older then you, if you dont mind that, but i just love playing with women, men and couples. im on tour now, currently in kerry, but will be making my way around most the counties in ireland. x Dolly

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    Default Oh Dolly, where art thou ?

    I thought you'd left Kerry & had gone to Clare a few days ago ? Did you go back to Kerry ?
    I thought those Kingdom boys were giving you the run-around.
    When might we expect you to grace the east coast Dolly dear ? I'm saving my cents for you.

    Good Golly Miss Dolly, it would be jolly, if in exchange for my lolly, you pleasured my willy.

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    Default ive extended my Darling Tour

    So that i can spend more time in my favorite places. i could rush thru, like a flash of lightening, "is that a bird? is that a plane? NO! its Dolly Darling racing past in her Dolly Mobile!!" Well, its simple, i came to Kerry, but then the boys were so nice to me, so i stayed another day and another day... But dont worry, i will definitely be going all around ireland. Sorry for the delay in getting to you sweetheart. i wish i could clone myself and make lots of Dollys to be everywhere at the same time, but i havnt found the machine to do this yet. ill see you soon, and the longer you wait for me, the more fun ideas you can come up for when we do meet. We will have a brilliant time i'm sure! Big Kiss, Dolly

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    Hi dolly When you expect to be in clare again

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