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Thread: Hey Carlos and QP,

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    Thumbs up Hey Carlos and QP,

    I know you guys are probably doing fine with yourslefs but seriously your wasted talents.You guys have excellent writting skills.Dont waste talents,use them.


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    Default Parting is such sweet sorrow....

    Westside????? Westside?????? West……..side, rings a bell, was’nt there a fella by that name, whaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, god,must be 2, 3 hours ago……

    Higha West, its impossible not to like you, WELCOME BACK… the place is not the same without ya, but your still in that corner, and the paint ain’t even dry yet….

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    Thumbs up Welcome Back Westie

    Actually Westie, you were back before I even realised that you'd gone, but given that it's you, this is power for the course.

    What humble writing skills I possess (a bit like Shakira's humble breasts) have been placed at the disposal of the revolutionary movement and are used to foment sedition and discontent among the population at large. Once the revolution has been accomplished, my comrade leader has promised me the position of Propaganda Commissar with an office staffed by my favourite escorts from this site. Needless to say, my devotion to the cause is therefore without question.

    You people in Cork don't know how fortunate you are, having already established your own People's Republic. When we finally get our act together in Dublin, I might just pop down to borrow your red flag. Just make sure you don't disappear when you're needed.

    We also need a mascot. An Irish Wolfhound would be nice, but those b*****ds eat too much and we can't really take the food out of the mouths of the proletariat to feed a dog.
    So if your dog is small and available.

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