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Thread: First punt???

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    Default First punt???

    Hey dont know who to chose for a first punt??

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    Default First Punt

    When i went on my first punt i went with verified pics and a few good reviews. If you are in dublin Sexy Naomi is superb. I find that when you call and speak to the escort their voice will tell you a lot some can sound fine others can be very abrupt.Enjoy

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    Default in my view

    Hi I have been with over 30 escorts and trust me look for the reviews and verified pic's. also maybe look for a Latino girl as they can be that more friendly as opposed to Eastern Europeans who just ride you senseless (which I have no problem with) and are a little cold

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    Default first time

    I had my first punt with Anna Savicha in Dublin, wicked time very friendly and a wee bit nuts aswell so she makes it fun.
    Also there is a new girl around called Sexy Sarah she looks like Elisha Cuthbert from 24, she is awesome.

    You should try be very friendly and smile alot, I'm like that naturally but I reckon it helps alot as I had amazing times with girls who have gotten lousy reviews.

    Anyways whoever you pick you should try pick a girl who will look like they are neatly tailored downstairs so you will really want to lick the fanny off them, then you give them good head so as they enjoy the experience keep going till ya get lockjaw and worse and don't stop till they crush they sides of your head with their thighs, buck up and down don't stop make'em cum and you will be treated like a king, just like when ya have moth.

    You should try go on a weekday after lunch time between 1 and 3 with most escorts for your first time if you want plenty of attention and not be rushed, and with a bit luck be the first of the day.

    PS Girls stay away from girls who don't do reverse oral as they normally are quite cold. Not all are but as a beginner, trust me.

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