Ever wondered how women and men mature differently?

When a girl becomes a woman:

1. She becomes independent.
2. She becomes confident.
3. She sets out to conquer the world.
4. She is ready to create new life.
5. She is ready to commit to a fulfiling relationship.
6. She nurtures her offspring and her lazy slob of a husband.

When a boy becomes a man:

1. His toys become a lot bigger and more expensive.
2. He discovers what a dangerous place the world really is and starts to look for sanctuary
in the same type of place that he emerged from as a baby.
3. He suddenly realises that he has to find another woman to replace his mother;
otherwise his arse will never be cleaned for him.
4. He looks for means of escaping the hum-drum routines of daily family life.
5. He discovers E-I.
6. On his deathbed, he is left wondering, where the f**k it all went wrong.