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    Had the best sex tourism experience ever in Berlin. So thought I would share.
    Artemis - is known as a mega brothel, purpose built at time of world cup (can read about it on wikipedia)
    It is absolutely fantastic.
    Its €70 to get in and you can stay as long as you like (open from 1pm till 5am) free food buffet and soft drinks at the bar.

    You are given a robe and flip-flops and a locker key when you go in.
    You get changed into the robe and head into the nightclub to meet the girls!!

    The nightclub is full of the most beautiful eastern european women you have set your eyes on. They are all completely naked apart from high heel shoes. It would remind you of the famous scene in the movie Eyes wide shut!!
    It basically costs €60 for half an hour with any of them. Nearly all of them include french kissing, owo, GFE, 69 etc for this.
    There are about 50 rooms upstairs all with mirrors on ceils walls... Absolutely brilliant
    If you are a bit more daring there is a swimming pool downstairs where you can have sex.
    There is also a cinema with 10 beds in it where you can have sex while watching other people and porn!!

    The best thing about this place is just the standard/quality of the women... they are page 3 model types. And all are giving supreme service for €60.... its quite simply unbelievable.

    I had sex with 6 of the best looking women I've ever seen for €360... was completely drained after it!! thank god for viagra!
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    Does look good, thanks for sharing
    Artemis - Nude Sauna-Club Berlin, Germany

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    F**k me, and I always thought you had to die to get to paradise. That's the kind of place that the bearded brethren have been promised when they sacrifice themselves to kill us infidels. Now at last I understand what motivates those f***ers.

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    God i must check that one out , Ryanair here i come

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    Default Artemis

    Wow that place looks great. Every city should have one. Great franchise Opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnights74 View Post
    Wow that place looks great. Every city should have one. Great franchise Opportunity.
    Ryan air can have you there tomorrow and back thursday for 300.
    Another 300 and you have your self a great night. What can you get for 600 over here.... ok some girls are worth the extra cash but.. thats some day.

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