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Thread: Stupidity.

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    Default Stupidity.

    I would like to talk about stupidity and give a real life example of what i mean.No i wont use myself.

    This morning i was going about my daily chores and noticed a guy appraoching a gate of an apartment close to where i am.I noticed that this apt always has the blinds on the windows drawn even during daytime.Well this guy goes on the phone,the next min the gate opens and he walks in and goes in throw the doorway and disappears ,no sign of the occupant.

    What a bunch of morons?No wonder places get raided.What an idiot or a pair should i say.What was stopping him from phoning down the raod on his way up?I drew my attention and i immeadiatly knew it was some of "The Sweeties" (reg tm) customers.It drew my attention and i am the kind that wouldnt give a monkies behind about something.

    Stupidity at its best.

    Coming close to Westville?

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    Maybe he had one of those gadgets that you can ring from your mobile and the gate unlocks, (Doubt it, but you’d ever know)

    Some large Farms who have a lot of contractors entering yards have them fitted to main gate to allow only designated people to access their land.

    Or maybe the blinds are drawn because the occupant/s suffers from Albinism.

    (AKA Whitey from the film Me, Myself, & Irene)

    Any number of reasons but I suspect yours is correct, (just messin’)

    Or maybe he was related to the two in the link below...

    YouTube - The Two Stupidest Burglars in the World

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    Deep down in the E-I dungeon


    Stupidist punter in the world.

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    Talking About time!!!!!

    "I would like to talk about stupidity............. "

    I stopped reading at this point because I almost swallowed my own tongue laughing!!!!

    Gone ........... and forgotten?

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