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    My quest for an international travel escort to spend 1 week with me here is now concluded. I have selected a beautiful eastern European lady who will travel here and provide with me with one week of her exquisite company for the princely sum of 2000 Euro plus flights. I d'ont know if I'm making Irish punting history here for the longest outcall, but I'm going to invite all concerned (escorts and punters) to contribute to this episode in the sexual history of this beautiful island, by suggesting some nice and romantic places where I can bring this lady and get physical with her. Now I'm no exhibitionist, so only suggestions within reason will be considered and I promise to post a review to this thread, naming the various locations that saw action as it were and thanking the contributors. So get your thinking caps on boys and girls.

    On a slightly different note, I can also highly recommend dating sites. I've recently made contact with a 24 year old student who likes my brand of humour and has accepted my invitation to spend a holiday here with me to celebrate the end of her exams. If this goes according to plan, I will have gained so much experience in organising "luv holidays", that I might just set up my own specialist travel agency.

    P.S. Alexi D. dear, sorry that I cannot participate in your auction, but as you can see, I'm rather financially stretched with my touristic endeavours. Hope everything goes well for you. I hope you have an auctioneer's license for your project. If you need a gavel, just pm me.

    P.P.S. QPH you old dog, glad to see you're back again. Just goes to prove, you can never get enough of a good thing. Now that I've defeated the Lisbon treaty, I'm planning another trip in the time machine. Seeing as the economy is going down the tubes, I think I'll revisited the Great Famine and see what lessons I can learn to get us through our current difficulties. Problem is, we've just told all our friends in Europe to feck off. Except for the British of course; they've never been happier with us. The Queen may give us a dig out; after all, her great-great-grand mother Queen Victoria donated 4000 of her own money to help feed our needy people in the 1840s. I may be called upon to make contact with Buckingham Palace again on behalf of the nation.

    I also see that we've got a member here called halfpounder. I did'nt know that MacDonalds or Burgerking were now sponsoring this site, but if this is a new trend, I'm going to change my name to "Onepoundofrawmeat" or "Doublewhopperburger with no cheese".

    Keep the faith brothers and sisters and f**k like hell even if you d'ont.

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    And I see McDonalds are sponsoring official player escorts at the European Championships. It says it after each advert during the games but it doesn't show the ladies. What would the wags say if they knew they had escorts with them.

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