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    Mmmm, we are afraid we are wanted by all the pimps around Dublin .
    But, also we are afraid to tell u that Assman and Demian are not the same he has called us this evening , he has different voice, he says we are bad person because we are talking bullshit about him, he is a different person.................
    WE are getting popular,

    Please, pimps, we are working hard, so if u want an apointment with us call us in advance.........but be careful, we have a minder at home

    And with that, we are fed up with that pimp the thread is finished. Only Thenads is allowed to answer.......
    The REAL lesbian duo !!!!! CLG (Cheeky Lesbian Girls)


    Duo recession rates!!!
    200 half hour
    400 an hour

    0833776030 Call us now!!!!

    We have someone taking care of us, so be nice He`s not coming into the room with us

    Fan n.1 Brucealmighty

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    Wink You're hot property ladies !

    Hell, if I didn't have a full time job I'd want to "organise" you myself girls !
    But as I've no suits with big lapels & I ran out of brylcream I'll stick with the day job.
    If Damien & Assman are different people then are they both wanting to pimp you ?
    Your lives are definitely interesting at the moment.
    Stay safe girls, see you soon.

    If Carlsberg had working girls they'd probably ask poach you 2.

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