High, please be aware because of the scope and serious nature of this Post. I could not condense it anymore then it is and for that reason it is posted in three parts to get around the restrictions on the number of letters per post, I know what your thinking, but I hope the majority of you will maybe find it of interest, I cover every aspect of this site that I feel is noteworthy, which is all areas in truth, what I feel it is capable of potentially, and explain why you and E-I grabbed my attention.

First, and again, can the verbally vacant either leave or go to the end of part 3 of this post, where I’ve set up a kiddies corner with a few pics to keep you occupied, and lads if you insist on embarrassing yourselves with posts saying that I go on, when I’m telling you here and now that this is long, then [sigh] I don’t think there’s a Kango Hammer in the Country that’s gonna dislodge whatever substance is manfully keeping your ears apart...

To everyone else, A warm Hello, pls. also be aware that every word here was given deep consideration and is here for a reason, as issue’s of Woman’s safety, and dignity have been to the forefront of my mind since not much more then a child, so I know what I’m talking about.

It’s a biggy, but its from the heart and the head in equal measure, and is meant with the best intentions for both sides and is the honest view of a non punter looking at this with an open mind and fresh eyes, and is based on your answers/inputs, what I’ve seen myself and things I’ve always known that relates to what I have learnt here, and hope it might give a different perspective. I feel that when all sides are respectful, genuine, honest, and have concern for each others plight/issues/concerns then I think it’s not a bad why to wind through life, not bad at all...]

The one Man Locust plague that descended on you has asked what he wanted to ask, and must find forage in a further field, and thanks very much to those that responded to my questions, or as well anyone who I engauged with generally and knows what decorum, humor and craic mean, many thanks also. I must admit being a little envious of an (truly Independent) Escort lifestyle, but I temper that envy with the certain knowledge of the dangers, issues, and darker times, and possible toll it may take on some, to a lesser or greater degree. I am also in no doubt that an Escort feels at times that they can’t or don’t want to voice those feelings or concerns to the Client side openly in the fear of being lambasted with posts like, “why are you in this business then” and similar rather unhelpful comments, and all I can say to that is, were all only Human and have an off day now and then, and try to have a heart. I hope any Woman avail’s of any help they may need, or just let of steam amongst themselves either in their private forum or with more serious issues contact the well known Women’s support type organizations. (Or Patricia, she seems a wise Woman)

Also being to quick to jump before maybe having a go at seeing where someone is coming from on a particular issue can only engender an appearance of dialogue up to a point and no further and not true dialogue, so I’d ask to be mindful of that. One issue arose when I saw on the Clients side an almost X files vibe that something an Escort required for what should have perfectly obvious reasons had to have had some hidden motive, that didn’t sit well with me I have to say.

Main Point...

I feel what has the best chance of significantly loosening the tragic embrace that so many Women find themselves in for all kinds of reasons, was hit on by yourselves in your endeavors to weed out either bad Escort’s/Clients/reviews etc. but without you maybe realizing the much greater importance of that work. I noticed it early on and is why I stuck around a little.(Initially anyway, grown to like a lot of you)

Those endeavors have the hugely positive effect of fostering an environment where Independent Escorts, who are in complete control of there lives can flourish in as much as they can flourish under the current law, and in as safe a way as is also possible under the current law also.

The consequences of that are that the flow of funds in some small way goes where it should go, into the Escorts pockets and not into the coffer’s of cruelty, (or at the very least, crudity) and if it happens even at a trickle, it has a chance at least of becoming a torrent, but that would require some sort of tweaking by Government as it’s not fair for decent people on both side’s to have to operate under similar shadows inhabited by heartless element’s and the inherent dangers therein.

Point 1

I’m not saying to go down the road of the Netherlands as I think the sight of Women standing in Windows is the single most depressing thing I’ve ever seen as it reduces Women to literally commodities, even reinforcing that in displaying themselves (or being forced to display) as such, and is degrading in the extreme to both sexes. In liberalizing things to that extent it just reinforces in the minds of Men with no mind, that a Women is just to be consumed and discarded and is of no consequence (IE the mindset of the average rapist)

Point 2

I feel the single most important facility on E-I is the private Forum for the Escorts, so as they have a network of support, as I’d imagine, paradoxically, it could be a lonely profession at times and could wear you down, and most importantly to get/share info. on dangers/issue’s privately, I think that’s commendable from E-I to facilitate People in that way, and proves their not just about the revenue. Like everywhere, knowledge is power, because Clients....at the end of the day and with respect, an experience with a bad Escort, you’ll get over, An Escorts bad experience with a client, she may not, and I know you’ll concur with that. (And a part of me hope’s they have there own informal review system going as well, lol)

Point 3

I think the term Escort Community is also very very fitting, as people on both sides appear to look out for the other camp, and show concern if an Escort’s not to be seen for a few days or whatever. I’d always thought of this whole arena as a dog eat dog, your on your own type of scenario, and is very commendable to see something to the contrary, and long may it continue. The thread on trafficking 2008 is a prime example of that and is what I’d hoped to see of a discourse on a vital issue instead of the endless fixation on pointing out typos.

You’ll note that in the course of the thread by Patricia on trafficking, username onel03 made the fantastic, practical, eminently do-able and potentially lifesaving suggestion of E-I setting up a way for People to alert of the possible trafficking of People and the discreet alerting to the Police, it is proof of the potential collective power of E-I and Forum members to effect change for the better, just by talking. It is your potential to do that, that drew my attention and interest here and onel03 deserves the highest of praise for that idea, and I hope it is made real sometime. (It didn’t get picked up by anyone and I would ask to have a think about it, its a great Idea)

Point 4

I would like to single out Carlos (the jackal lol) as a prime example of someone who adds a vital ingredient for fun (and noodle power as well) here in that he is eminently capable of taking something said in jest, run with it and come back with something else to add to the pot that’s a little out of left field and entertaining, and can lead to other avenue’s. In my attempt to do that it was said I was over analyzing everything, that was not the case, and to anyone who thought I was, I respectfully ask that you look up the word Conversation and you’ll find that that is what Carlos and the main players are doing here. I picture him as a bohemian, Jack Sparrow type with a lived in look. (I could be wrong, He might be 20) I like how he roll’s. (How he Shakes N’Rattles is his business lol)

Point 5

A contributor (I can’t remember name) made a fantastic point, that caused me a minor road to Damascus moment when he said something along the lines of why shouldn’t someone see a professional in this field, just as you would see or get a professional in any other field, now while this arena will always be a little different by the nature of the activity’s engaged in, it struck me as a very good point and not a way I’d thought to look at thing’s before.

Point 6

As to issue of rates and such, that was being discussed on my first discovering E-I and issue’s of this kind have probably been discussed since time immemorial, but my view would be (and I hate this term but am trying to treat as strictly business) that the ‘’Market Value’’ of an encounter is a combination of whatever an Individual Escort sets as their benchmark and the Individual Client is prepared to part with, be that E100 or E1000, and the power here will always be with the Independent Escort, and rightfully so, as in most other area’s of employ, the Female is for some reason paid less on average then a Male doing the same job. So men can’t have it both ways, and historically Men have had by far the fairer crack of the whip in most areas so I’d say, cut em some slack on this issue. Not talking about bad Escorts overcharging and the like, that’s different.

If talk of a proposed moratorium on punting surfaces again, bury it, please drop that idea as it’s embarrassing to me as a Man, and Women everywhere must be rolling on the floor at the thought of such a thing ever working, we all know it won’t


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