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    Default Girls in the pubs...clubs...

    Guys & Girls ...

    I got thinking about all the beautiful girls I see in and around the clubs/pubs in the evening, as well as, the ones walking about casually in the street going about their own business...

    Has anyone ever been propositioned on one of the pubs/clubs by one of the ladies/escorts?
    I am not referring to streetwalkers, if they still exist...

    Girls ... is this something you would ever do? Rare occasions? Never?
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    hello ohio!

    you have seen some flashy lookin girls making noise on the st's after liquor and such.
    nice legs, boots, looks like sex.

    i fooled myself for years and started to believe that the fault lay with me. no.

    the church (corrupt), now 'money focus' since 1997 quickly replacing that, this is now a fairly disfunctional society.

    try it! get dressed up, go out!

    i find they are not able to take ANY risks, their friends 'thoughts' control them. they will pretend to ignore even you if you jump out of new ferrari and look like mr farrell.

    drink, drink, drink and coke is the currency out there

    i find continental women are mature about their sexuality.

    now once, a couple of years back, i was out one nite, dressed casually, and at the end of the nite this attractive young one comes up to me and just snogs me full on (french kissing 2mins) probably just cause she could. i let her walk off with her mates cause that was her wish.

    it impressed upon me that maybe the new generation will be more straight up!

    i mean, clock tickin' for all of us...

    what do the rest think?


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    That's something I will never do. I will never propositioned any guy on the street, bar, club or whatever. If a guy want to meet me he has to contact me in private. I see escorting as a private matter in a private environment, not to go in public with.
    And also in public I don't want to be associate as being an escort as I want to be seen also as a "normal" girl.
    Perhaps a little old fashioned, but that's my opinion.


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    I've seen people before offering ordinary girls who are out for the night money to sleep with them.

  5. Default party girl!

    i'm a party girl...out and about.,..

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    I do go out but never interested in guys trying to chat me up.

    1)i might be out most times with girls and with one of them i would be all over each other (in this case all guys get rejected even not looking at them) probably kissing and sexy dancing with each other being aware of what we are doing
    2) i am the hunter...monitoring crowd,and if i see someone that i would say 'yeah,this is the guy i want to shag tonight',i would get him to leave me his coordinates. I never got rejected,but never seen lately anyone i would like to be with
    3)i could be out with some guy that is date for that night,and it would mean i would not be looking around at all.

    Been picking up girls too,but not lately,as never seen anyone i would be interested in. Went with girl in april,but was not really statisfied. Chatted with one 2 weeks ago,but she was not reall my type,so i got her drink,and made excurse.
    I m still lurking sometimes ;-)

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    maybe its time to leave the punting aside and go and try to use whatever charm you may have and go up to a girl and woo her into bed normally. Its a warped thought that only us men who are on this list that think most good looking woman will sleep with for a fee be that cash, coke or booze.
    If you did go out with a stunning looking woman would you be happy if men were looking at her thinking she was a escort?
    maybe reality beckons

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    Wink Party time is party time

    If I go out & tell somebody what I do, then I say "I am off today just having fun but you can find my details in as sexy naomi & call me in another time.
    Thank you & bye, bye

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