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    I was looking at the fine pics of Abby, currently in Mayo, and delighted to see such an attractive Irish girl. Had to check out her reviews and all 4 were very good. Then i noticed that all 4 lads were put "straight at their ease" (not an exact quote). Is Abby using her passenger calming skills from her air hostess career or are we being slipped something in our drink? lol

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    hi sky blue!

    i read her reviews and their is certainly consistancy with the at ease thing.

    could be some unconcious skills she developed in her air service.

    it is wonderful to see an irish girl workin her own turf and hopefully enjoying herself!

    i actually prefer british isles accents with working girls, just one of those things lads

    like skirts or a certain colour suspenders. it really is the subtle stuff that gets us off!

    all the best!


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