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    I don't punt that much but when I do I stick to the same few ladies that I have seen before. This is where the problem lies, I intend going for a punt on Friday, so do I stick to the reliables or do I try someone new? Sexy Naomi intrigues me and so does Alexis to name a couple but there are a few others. Now I like women in general but worried that we may not click so I need a wee bit of advice from either punter or escort. A few things that may help are
    1) I love thigh high boots on a lady
    2) Would love to share a shower or a bath with a lady
    3) Like owo but not essential
    4) I am curious about anal but again not essential
    and finally
    5) Into ladies who take control and don't lie there like a sack of potatoes and thik of someone or something else and not a clockwatcher.
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
    So please ladies and punters alike please help?

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    I see you are getting alot of advice here..

    Look it is obvious..

    Read the reviews and make your mind up from them..

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