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Thread: south-east nurse visit please

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    Arrow south-east nurse visit please

    hi any sexy woman there with sexy nurses uniform pref british coming down to the south east counties, please do come down, even if you have a classic nurses uniform tell me where you are based and i will visit you . ok thanks

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    Jesus Mucker155, are things that bad in the south-east. If I were you, I'd get on to the HSE and lodge a complaint in the strongest terms. But d'ont hold your breath, you'll probably be passed needing a nurse by the time one arrives.

    Now are there any escorts out there who have a doctor's uniform with a stethoscope, anal thermometer and equipment for taking blood pressure. I'm due a check-up soon and am looking for a professional with a good bedside manner. Must be fully qualified and registered to practice in Ireland by E-I.

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