i saw this beauty advertise on another site (similar name to this!) but it was only in the forum section - no profile or pics available!

thought at the time that she wasn't worth even a call - luckily for me i made the call!

she advertised herself as "Half Persian...Half Asian Goddess in Dublin.... " and that she was "24 years old, 5'9' tall, 34c bust, size 10 dress, naturally smooth, long silky natural straight hair, truly professional runway model and I am also can be both active and passive, overall I am versatile."

i met this truely beautiful goddess in her private apartment - WOW!!

i knew when i spoke to her on the phone that i was talking to someone who was a total professional and who wouldn't mess me around - unlike that other waster VYDA!!!

anyway - we met and had an hour session together - i'm not going into the details only to say that i'll be back - take out of that what you want!

i spoke to her about no pics up and she has very valid reasons why she can't - she also said that if anyone came to meet her and wasn't satisfied with what they saw they could leave without any money changing hands - and she won't take it personally either!

but she too has the right to refuse admission if she thinks its not going to work out!

she wants to build a regular client base and i think she has the qualities and the professionalism (something thats lacking in this section for far too long!) to achieve this!

so to all you sceptics out there - reach for the phone, dial her number (i'll give you it if your too lazy to look for yourself - just pm me!) and don't be afraid to meet up - remember, she won't kill you!!! (unless you ask her too or if you have a weak heart!!!)