Escort Ireland Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around. Community Rules

If you wish to use the Escort Ireland Community (Message Boards, Chat Room & Reviews System) there are some rules you must adhere to as outlined below. Please also see our overall website Terms of Service.

Everybody is welcome here once you abide by the rules. So, whoever you are, please feel free to join our community.

Keep Your Personal Details Private
For your own safety and welfare, please keep all your personal details private. Do not tell other people your real full name or where you live or any other personally identifying information about yourself. Don't post your email address or phone number in the public threads, if you want to exchange details with someone, do this via PM.

Always Treat Others With Respect
Please treat others with respect at all times here. You are welcome to disagree with people, debate issues, voice opinions etc, but you must do it with respect. It is not ok to launch verbal attacks, call people names or otherwise be aggressive or rude or hurtful or offensive. If you are, you will be warned or banned, possibly permanently, depending on the severity of the offence.

Don't Harass or Threaten Anybody
Never harass or threaten another user. If you do so you risk being warned, banned or possibly even having your details passed to the police.

We will not tolerate discrimination based on gender, race, nationality or sexuality here. Any posts of a discriminatory nature will be deleted or edited and the offending poster given a warning or banned, depending on the gravity of the situation.

Impersonating Others
Persons maliciously impersonating any other user or person here will be permanently banned. In the past people have impersonated others here in a humorous way, especially celebrities and well known people. We do have a sense of humour, but to ensure your joke is not potentially harmful, please make it clear you are a comedy impersonator and not the actual person. For example don’t register as “Barack Obama” but “Barack Obama Clone” or “Barack Obama Fan” would be fine.

Multiple User IDs
Please do not use more than one account. We may turn a blind eye to people having multiple user IDs if we feel they have created an additional ID for comedy purposes only and it has caused no harm, but if we feel a user has created a duplicate ID for dishonourable purposes, the duplicated ID(s) will be banned and the user’s original ID may also be banned.

Provoking Others
Do not attempt to provoke others into bad behaviour. If you do this, you will be banned.

Ignore Function
If you do not get on with another board user you can opt to 'ignore' their posts. To do this click on their member name where it appears on a board then click ‘User Lists’ then ‘Add to Ignore List’. Future posts by that member will then appear deleted to you.

Journalists and Researchers
Journalists and researchers wishing to engage our users must first contact an Administrator and obtain permission to create a message board thread, which will only be given once credentials have been checked. Under no circumstances are journalists or researchers permitted to go “undercover” on our website or make unsolicited contact with our users via private message, email or chat. Please report suspected journalists or researchers not following the rules to an Administrator.

Copyrighted Material
Don't post copyrighted materials here without permission from the owner. If it comes to our attention that copyrighted material has been posted here, we will remove it. We ban persons who post copyrighted material here maliciously or continue to do so after us warning them not to continue.

Duplicate Posts
Do not make the same post in multiple locations. We will ban users who duplicate after we have warned them not to continue doing so.

Bumping Posts
Don't keep replying to your own posts purely to keep your thread on top.

English Language Only (Except in Private Forums for Escorts)
We do not allow messages which are written in code or a language which isn’t English. If you post in code or a foreign language your post may be edited or deleted. We will ban users who post in code or a foreign language after we have warned them not to continue doing so. This rule does not apply to the Private Forums for escorts, escorts may post in any language they wish there. There is also an Irish speaking forum where it is appropriate to post in the Irish language. Posting in Irish is not allowed in any other area of the site (including signatures) and must be restricted to this forum only.

Post Quality
Please try to use good English so your posts are easily understandable to all. Please don't shout by typing your messages in all capital letters. Dividing your message into paragraphs will also make it easier for people to read, especially if it is long.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spamming, whether you are an advertising customer of ours or not. We consider posting any Adverts outside of the Adverts section spamming. We also consider posting non-relevant or inappropriate adverts within the Adverts section spamming. To prevent annoyance to the community we generally permanently ban all users we find spamming.

Private Messaging Spamming
Any user found to be sending spam private messages will have their account banned.

Foul Language
We are an adult only community and we will tolerate a bit of swearing, but please don’t go overboard. Also please note swearing at another person is not acceptable. E.g. It is ok to say “I got shit-face drunk last night” but don’t say to another user “You are a cunt”. If you language becomes unacceptably foul or you direct foul language at another user, you may be banned.

Sexual Explicitness
Please try to avoid offensive sexually explicitness... Yes this is an adult website, but you can still push what most of our users would consider the boundaries of good taste!

Requests for unprotected sex or offers of unprotected sex will be removed and the poster permanently banned.

Illegal Material
Posting or requesting information about child sexual exploitation or any other illegal activity will result in immediate banning. We may also report you to the police.

Photographs / Images / Videos
No pictures / images / videos should be posted which contain children(under 18s). No pictures / images or videos should be posted which contain animals and humans (especially naked) which appear to be of a sexual nature. If you are found to be posting any such pictures / images or videos you will be infracted or banned, possibly permanently.

Respecting the Privacy of Others
Don't post anybody's personal information here (Including, but not limited to, the real name of any person involved in the Irish escort business or the address of any escort.). You can expect to be permanently banned if you break this rule.

Private Messages and Chat Logs
Do not publish on the message boards or otherwise distribute a PM from another user or a Chat Log of your conversation with another user without either their permission or the permission of an Administrator.

Off Topic Posts
Off topic posts are only allowed in our Soap Opera section.

No Board Stretching
Thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss stretches the boards. It is also annoying. Please don’t stretch the text. Keep words and kisses short or put regular spacing in like this - xxx xxx xxx xxx. Inserting large pictures also stretches the board.

Changing Your Username
You cannot change your username.

Deleting Your Threads / Posts
We are regularly asked by users to delete threads they have started and posts they have made. This takes up our time and is confusing and irritating to our other users who have taken part in the discussion that you started and now want deleted. Please don’t create threads and make posts that you will want removed at a future date as we will not do this for you.

Reporting Problems
You can report any post via the 'Report Post' link at the top of every post or by sending a PM to an Administrator. Please do report problem posts to us. If you don’t, we may not see them! If you have come onto our board to complain about something to do with our website, please ensure you also send a PM to an Administrator, to ensure we don’t miss your complaint.

Wasting Our Time
Please don’t waste our time by deliberately causing trouble on our message boards or making invalid complaints to us. If we feel you are wasting our time, we may ban you.

Community Moderators
Our Community Moderators are volunteers who may step in and restore order if they feel a thread is getting nasty or otherwise objectionable. They are not obliged to do anything for any user and deserve to be treated with respect at all times. Community moderators can only delete, edit or move posts / threads. If you want to complain that another user should be banned or need a complex matter investigated, you should PM an Administrator. You may complain about any Community Moderator to an Administrator, but please note that our Community Moderators have been chosen carefully and we will not overrule their decisions lightly.

Individual Board Rules
Individual boards may have additional rules that relate to that board only. These will be located at the top of the board. If applicable, please read these also before posting.

Links to Other Websites
Please don’t join our community in order to promote your website. Links to other websites are only permitted when we feel they are of benefit to our community. If we allow you to place advertisements on our message boards that include links to your website, we ask that you add a return link to Escort Ireland to your website. This is only fair. You can get Escort Ireland banners and link codes here.

Quoting Other Posts
Where posts include a quotation from another post, the post being referenced may be quoted in whole or in part(s). Quotations must be an accurate reference to the original author's post. Editing posts, such that they are amended, added to or changed in any way shall constitute a breach of posting rules. Equally, taking different words or segments of text out of a post and combining them to misquote somebody or alter the context of the quotation shall also constitute a breach of the posting rules. Offenders will receive infractions if this occurs and persistent offenders may have their user name banned. The only exception to this posting rule, is in the case of Community Moderators amending posts and/or quotations which infringe against other posting rules.

As of November 2010, any organisers, affiliates or employees of Escort Advertising cannot participate in any competitions run on the E-I website.

The Police
Please be aware that we do log information on all visitors to this website and we will cooperate with the police and others regards persons who violate our rules and / or the law.

All messages and reviews posted on Escort Ireland express the views of the author. We will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

We reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any message, thread or review for any reason or revoke any user privileges for any reason.

We attempt to monitor all activity on our message boards, but we cannot always detect every problem, and we appreciate any assistance you can provide us with by reporting problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - we look forward to having you as part of our community.

Banning Users
The last resorts would be telling you what to post about, what topics are approved or banning a user. However obvious trolling or posts singling out, pointing to a specific escort, being rude, abusive or offensive will be deleted and users might be banned. If you feel offended by any post on the forums, please report it by using the exclamation icon - report a post button or contact a moderator directly. As a general rule we try to inform you when we step in and change / remove your post, however if you are unsure why we did it, just send us a PM. We give you a warning before banning, except severe cases of abuse, harassment or trolling where a prompt action might be called for.

Making allegations against the Company, defamatory and possibly libelous comments will result in an immediate banning.

All ban duration's will be at moderators' discretion.

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