• An Interview with: Sensual Lauren (a.k.a. Lady Femina)

    An Interview With... Sensual Lauren!

    Sorry it's been a while, folks, but I have managed to make some time to interview one of the lovely E-I Advertisers, getting to know them more on a personal level and learn more about their experiences and origins.

    This time, I have had the pleasure of finding more out about Sensual Lauren, as well as her darker side, Lady Femina!

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this, Lauren

    Enjoy, folks

    Sam: Hi Lauren, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. First of all, I will ask the obvious question: how long have you been working as an escort?

    Lauren: I have been an escort since 2007 but have been a dominatrix since i was 23 years old, if my math is correct that is..39 years

    Sam: As a former erotic dancer, I bet you’re still very limber! Do you have any party tricks up your sleeve?

    Lauren: Hummm, well yes,,,of course,,,as i am very flexible i can be bent over, spread apart and my strong thighs make men weak

    Sam: Did you eventually become an escort through your erotic dancing?

    Lauren: Not really but since i was always open (no pun intended) to the sexual and sensual side of life, i had no qualms becoming an escort. I have been in an alternative lifestyle all of my adult life. Domination, swinging and when i have been in relationships with the men in my life, that relationship was always an open one. I do not believe that human beings are meant to be monogamous. That is what societies normally want us to be,,,

    Sam: So you hail all the way from Florida. Amazing! What do you miss the most about Florida?

    Lauren: Well, my friends of course and the warm sunny weather..But i actually commute between florida, ireland and the continent so the longest time i am usually away from florida is 6 months each year

    Sam: Do you go back to Florida to visit frequently to top up your tan?

    Lauren: Strangely enough i have to make an effort to spend time in the sun..I know this will sound very spoiled, but when you have sun and warm weather every day, the urgency to lay out, rubbed in oil, seems to disappear. Unlike those lobster red northern europeans who bake themselves while on holiday

    Sam: How did you end up in Ireland of all places?

    Lauren: I lived in france for 8 years in a pretty inaccessible rural area and it was difficult getting to the airport and other places in europe. Dublin has fantastic air service from orlando direct and from dublin, as you know, it is quite easy to travel inexpensively to other places in europe. I was also drawn to the lively irish people,,,though i do adore the french they can be a bit constipated when it comes to having fun...Dining and Conversation are their strongest suits, but i am and have always been more of a party girl.

    Sam: What is it about Ireland that you love the most?

    Lauren: Other than the men, of course,? I am fascinated by societies that have overcome great hardships and keep their sense of humor and tenacity. I find the irish to have a strong ability to 'keep on going', no matter what is thrown at them. We americans are very spoiled.

    Sam: You offer quite a broad spectrum of services from GFE as Sensual Lauren, to light or firm domination as Lady Femina. Who is your favourite persona, and do you prefer to take charge of your clients or do you like to be dominated yourself?

    Lauren: I'll answer the last part of your question first. While i can be a 'switch' meaning can be a domme or a sub,,,i rarely find that chemistry with men. When i have met a man with whom i could be submissive, it normally turns into them kneeling at my feet and worshiping me...I know, not a bad outcome..I think that my sensual lauren is more true to my natural instinct to nurture. My friends call me the comfort queen because i am always making sure that people are comfortable and have what they need, but having said that, that does not mean that the fact that i seem to need to be in control of things doesn't come through. My definition of domination is mostly about power exchange more than whips and chains (though that is fun also) but being in control and seduction are all part of my domination world. So in short, their is overlap that does not make each mutually exclusive. I think that is why i have been successful. Most people don't want the 'blood and guts' of the BDSM world but simply want to be taken control of,,,usually in a seductive way which is especially titillating with a mature woman of great sexual experience.

    Sam: I was intrigued at the part of your escort introduction where you state, ““My unique insight into your very secret desires and fantasies will leave you wondering, “how did she know?”” Have you always had a flair for knowing exactly what pushes the buttons of every individual, or has this come with experience?

    Lauren: I think growing up with brothers and hearing their heartbreak and feelings taught me that 'men are people too'. Lol. I found their vulnerabilities taught me so mucy about men...I have never thought of men as the enemy or to be used and taken advantage of,,,unfortunately that is not the case with many women.

    Sam: As a dominatrix, what special ‘tools of the trade’ would you normally use to really make your clients squirm?

    Lauren: Hummm, squirm, great descriptive, of all my equipment and accessories, i find the most effective tool are my long fingernails, lightly scratching a naked man's body

    Sam: Naturally, we all have different pain thresholds, but in your time as a dominatrix, have you ever been really surprised just how far someone has allowed you to take things to the limit, almost up to the point where you got worried that you might do some permanent damage?

    Lauren: I won't do any physical, emotional or psychological damage. Just not my style. I do have a few men who love a hard whipping and it surprises me the degree of pain they can take..It also surprises me and is a bit disconcerting to realize how 'wet' i have come when administering it.

    Sam: Of course, dominatrix is just one of your service types, and you are called ‘Sensual Lauren’ and love “good ol’ fashioned lovin’”. What would you say makes you the perfect, sensual companion?

    Lauren: I truly am concerned that my partner of the moment has a fulfilling and highly sexually charged adventure. I listen well and can read body language and sense what is 'working' and what may not be so important to a client. When i am with someone, they are the only one's i am thinking about. Size, shape, age,,,doesn't matter,,,everyone deserves to be loved if even for a short time and we are all sexual beings deserving of sensual experiences. You know, 'love the one you’re with'.

    Sam: What is the weirdest request you have ever had, and did you go through with it?

    Lauren: Had a client that wanted food thrown at him,,pies, raw meat, milk,,,i did go through with it but insisted we do it in a large walk in shower.

    Sam: What is your favourite ‘favourite’? What do you like a client to do to you?

    Lauren: I adore 69'ing, and anal play, kissing of course.

    Sam: Are you always based in Ireland or do you work in any other countries?

    Lauren: I also do things in the states, and have in germany, france and the uk
    as a dual citizen,,,i have no 'work' issues which makes it easier.

    Lauren's Tour Dates: 16th March - 27th March: Dublin 2

    Lauren's Escort Profile: http://www.escort-ireland.com/24acef...sh-escort.html
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      HobkUren have u ever worked in Limerick I would love to see u coming to Limerick thank u
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      Great interview with Lauren, a real classy lady whom I've had the pleasure of spending time with.
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      Great looking woman, no doubt it's a fun time to be had
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      Are you in dublin At the momment ?