• Escort of the Month: Miss October 2013!!!

    Well folks, it's the first of the month already... it only seems like a couple of weeks ago since we announced the last Escort of the Month winner for September! As mentioned last month, we now have things back on track in terms of the points calculations, and for anyone who doesn't know how the EOTM competition is calculated, you can read about the points values and rules in this link.

    This month, we have another first in the Escort of the Month 'Hall of Fame', and this wasn't a win by a nose, this was a landslide victory with an epic 26 points, with second and third places being only 12 points! What a staggering result!

    So, without further ado, it gives my great pleasure to announce the winner for 'Miss September 2013', the very sexy Spanish beauty, Kristal!!!!

    Kristal's Escort Profile: http://www.escort-ireland.com/336a9a...sh-escort.html

    Kristal's Message Boards Profile: http://www.escort-ireland.com/boards.../63487-kristal

    Kristal's Reviews: http://www.escort-ireland.com/336a9a...t-reviews.html

    A massive well done to you, Kristal! Keep up the great work!
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    1. cheryl20's Avatar
      cheryl20 -
      Congratulations Kristal!!
    1. Nicole's Avatar
      Nicole -
      Congrats Kristal !!
    1. Amanda Babe's Avatar
      Amanda Babe -
      congratulations kristal well done x
    1. zoozoozoo's Avatar
      zoozoozoo -
      Congratulations , well done , plus 18 months of great reviews
    1. cutefoxxx's Avatar
      cutefoxxx -
      Congratulations, you deserve it, keep up the naughty work xx
    1. Derrydoggystyle's Avatar
      Derrydoggystyle -
      Congrats Kristal
    1. bullwhip's Avatar
      bullwhip -
      congratulations Kristal,well done.
    1. francescca's Avatar
      francescca -
      Well done Kristal!
    1. Its only me's Avatar
      Its only me -
      Congratulations Krista.
    1. funcorkguy's Avatar
      funcorkguy -
      Congratulations !!!!
    1. hottrod101's Avatar
      hottrod101 -
      Congrats babe....
      Will have to meet soon xxx
    1. tayto1965's Avatar
      tayto1965 -
      whoa man , what a hotty
    1. Duffz's Avatar
      Duffz -
      Have to see her
    1. The D Man's Avatar
      The D Man -
      Congratulations and well done to Kristal.
    1. rob_tig's Avatar
      rob_tig -
      Many congratulations
    1. Firedoor's Avatar
      Firedoor -
    1. Morpheus's Avatar
      Morpheus -
      Well congratulations Kristal!!

      Well done!!

      And thanks Sam for keeping the comp going.
    1. donnabella's Avatar
      donnabella -
      Well Kristal
    1. Best Before's Avatar
      Best Before -
      Congrats Kristal x
    1. niceguyme's Avatar
      niceguyme -
      congratulations and well done babe xx