• Escort of the Month: Miss September 2013!

    Finally, back on track with the Escort of the Month competition. We have had a couple of months of a transitional period and there have been comments about the new system versus Ric Flair's old system, so we have acquiesced to your feedback on the basis that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', thus changing the system to calculate to reflect the old system. However, the revised points system will stay in place to make things fairer.

    So just as a reminder, here are the details of how the Escort of the Month winner is calculated:

    • Each review an escort receives between the first and last day of a month has a points value. The points are as follows: positive reviews: 2 points, balanced reviews: 1 point, N/A and negative reviews: 0 points, fake (ratted) reviews: -1 point.
    • The month that the escort is announced the winner will be the winner based on the points totalled from the previous month; i.e. 'Miss September' is calculated from the reviews submitted in August, and so on.

    • Reviews will only count when a) the reviewer has held a message boards account for six months and b) their reviews will only be counted from their tenth review.

    • If a client resubmits a review for an escort that they have already visited, only their first review will have a points value. In any event, the new review will always replace the old review.

    • If we believe that a review is fake, we may disqualify an escort from the competition for the month. If there are more serious cases of cheating, we may disqualify escorts from all future competitions.

    • Escorts cannot win the competition two consecutive months. In the event of an escort receiving the highest points a second month in a row, the person in second place will take the winning spot.

    • In the event of a points tie, the prize will be divided between the two winning escorts. If there are more than two people that tie, the prize will be issued to the two escorts who received their last reviews first.

    • Reviews that are submitted from a masked (proxified) or non-Irish/Northern Irish IP address will be deleted.

    So this month, we have a new addition to the Escort of the Month Hall of Fame; she just pipped the post into first place with a total of 14 points, only two points between second place, where only one review made all the difference!

    Having been advertising on E-I for one month, she has already made quite an impression on several established punters who had had only but good things to say about this escort's services, and although her profile is not currently active at the moment, hopefully she will grace us with her presence again soon!

    She is 'Gorgeous' by name, and clearly gorgeous by nature, so a big congratulations to this stunner, Gorgeous Monica!!!

    Well done, Monica It is clear from your reviews that this award is well deserved and we hope to see you again soon

    Is it me, or is it hot in here?

    Monica's reviews: Click here

    Monica's message board profile: Click here
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