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  1. Hepatitis C and HIV testing in Co.Clare - Press Release

    FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE IN OR AROUND Co.CLARE....(p.s we also continue to do testing in our offices!)

    There is a cure for Hepatitis C

    One tablet a day for 12 weeks with little or no side effects, and this treatment is playing a big part in Irelandís plan to eliminate Hepatitis C by the year 2030. On average, in Ireland, around 600 people a year are newly diagnosed with Hepatitis C. These infections might not be new, as it is possible to live with Hep C for 30 years or more ...

    Updated 14-03-19 at 17:14 by GOSHH

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  2. Ring around the Rosie

    So I took an oft traveled path ,and I must apologise that I learnt nothing new.
    For as sophisticated, multifaceted, magicakal species we are; it's often easier to choose the basic and crude.

    Which is something we do, us people.

    I made myself a dare, and I carried it through. It's been about 4 years. Here is the truth ; Women are feared. Not as much as men fear their attraction to them but almost.

    But then there are those who fear many things ...
  3. My Greek Goddess Rada :)

    I went on holidays recently to see my sexy friend Rada . I didn't see her in a while but we kept in touch , she told me she had a boyfriend and she showed me some pics of him and he is very cute but to be honest I was more interested in spending time with Rada . Ever since we met I can't stop thinking about our fun times and her sexy smooth body .

    Time finally came and I made my way to the airport and set out on my journey , I fell asleep on the plane and i woke up when the food was ...
  4. Big Black Dad :)

    I was on holiday recently after being invited to a friends wedding . We were high school friends and we kept in touch over the years and she was finally settling down I never mey her boyfriend before but I saw pictures on facebook and he was cute , tall , black and in very good shape .

    I arrived at the resort and met my friend and we spent the whole evening catching up , I met her boyfriend later and he looked cute and he had his friends and dad with him .

    I could tell ...
  5. Rapid Testing for HIV and Hepatitis C in GOSHH

    HIV can be controlled with medication so it does no harm to you or your sexual partners. Hepatitis C can be cured with a course of medication. In order to get these medications, and remain healthy, you need to know whether you are living with these infections. A rapid test is a quick and painless way of finding out.

    GOSHH currently provides rapid tests for both HIV and Hepatitis C. These tests are available to anyone who wants them.

    Only you know if you may have been ...
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