Would You Be Able To Date an Escort?

There has always been this talk, or wonder, of what it would be like to date an escort, or to have a sex worker for a girlfriend in general.

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To a lot of guys, if they manage to find a charming girl that happens to provide pleasure and companionship for a living, it can be like a dream coming true for them. They would be going out with courtesans that look like angels 24/7, and would hardly ask you to pay for dinner since they often make a profit of around €200 per hour.

However, reality can sometimes be far away from the dream. For some people that actually have an escort as a girlfriend, or had a girlfriend who was an escort, the relationship wasn’t what they expected. Having a relationship with a courtesan is never entirely ill-advised; there are many couples that work in the escorting industry and are able to make it work. But it’s important to be aware of some of the ‘issues’ that you would have to manage if you think that you’re starting to get feelings for an escort.

Time Schedule

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If you haven’t realised it already, courtesans don’t have a 9–5 rota like most working women would have, or even the usual 8-14 hour shift that some people in hospitality, customer service and retail. Escorts are their own bosses where they set up their own schedules and slots that their clients could fill up, but they can set their free slots from as early as 00:00 until 23:59.

Additionally, the appointments that a courtesan would organise could be really random, depending on the day or the clients. For example, a lady could have 2 appointments in a row with 2 clients in the morning, have no one to meet for 2-4 hours, and then be occupied for the entire evening with one other client that has booked an overnight session with her.

This can be a problem if you enjoy spending time with your girlfriend. You’ll never know when you’d have to cancel a dinner date because a client has already arranged to spend a night with her.

However, because the escorts are their own bosses, they can choose when to take a booking, and they can set up their slots at times that suit them. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about your girlfriend’s time schedule. But if you have a busy lifestyle of your own, then a lot of meetings with her may have to be arranged in advance.


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Remember the article that I wrote some time ago about why you shouldn’t go to see an escort if you’re looking for love? One of the big points that still stand today is that we can’t always control our emotions the way that you want them to. Case and point? Jealousy.

I think it’s necessary for me to point out the difference between envy and jealousy. Envy is when you desire something that someone else has or something that a lot of people have. Jealousy is when you worry that what you already have may be attracted, or stolen, by another person, or a group of people.

See the difference? That’s why I want to use the word jealousy in this piece and not envy.

No matter how much or how little it would affect them, men would always feel like they’re worried about losing their girlfriends when they’re encountering other people to make a profit. Women feel the same way too if their partners are gigolos.

There is no quick-fix solution to solving this possible obstacle that could come your way; you would need to talk to your girlfriend about the matter, or ask yourself if you would truly be ok with your girlfriend having intimate meetings with her clients.

Everything and everyone else

you and your girlfriend might be a subject to criticism if your friends, family, and acquaintances know that you're dating an escort

Let’s face reality: Not everyone would treat people that work in the escorting industry kindly. I’m not just talking about the physical threat that could come her way, I’m also talking about the general social stigma that they would have to encounter.

No man wants to see or hear that their girlfriends have been going through some trouble with other people; other guys and girls that thought it would be ok to say passive aggressive things to her just because she is an escort. Imagine if some of your friends have found out that your girlfriend works in the trade, and they end asking you awkward and irritating questions that would bug the hell out of you.

You might have one fucker of a friend that would ask you the crude question of,

‘Do you think if I pay her enough, she’ll suck my dick for half an hour?’

Just a note: I hope that none of you guys have friends like that.

There are other worries that can trouble you when you’re girlfriend is at a paid meeting, like hoping that she’s safe, or that she won’t get upset in any way. However, they’re the risks of working as an escort; the same as how you’d have to be aware of the risks working on an oil rig at sea if you’re a civil engineer.

You shouldn’t have to think of a relationship with an escort as a tightrope that you have to walk along. You’d get the same amount of issues that you’d have with a woman that lives far away, or one that has to work abroad most of her time, or one that just likes to have her own space when she wants it.

And as I’ve mentioned before, it’s never entirely ill-advised to go out with an escort; if it happens, it happens. Nevertheless, the points that I’ve raised in this article would be ones that you would always have to be aware of when you want to pursue an intimate connection with an escort.

Do you think that you would be able to date an escort? Would you even consider dating an escort if the situation arises?

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  1. Did you send a copy of this article to Enda he and his colleagues seem to think escorts are sex slaves with no rights being forced to work for pimps and the only answer is to prosecute their customers.

    1. To the Employment Non-Discrimination Act? Yeah, the Swedish/Nordic Model does not decriminalise sex work, it only makes it worse.

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