World Mental Health Day – How Escorts Help With Your Mental Health

There are many different reasons men see escorts; we have discussed them at length in the past. The convenience, variety, the services offered, everyone has their own reason for wanting to do it.

World mental health day

Whatever the reasons, they all create a sense of well-being which has a major impact on the mental health of clients around the globe.

A Big Day

This is of major importance, especially on days like today. World Mental Health Day gives every one of us, whether we have been touched personally by depression and anxiety or not, a chance to raise awareness of these issues, and create a society where people feel OK to talk about their feelings, instead of just bottling them up. It was first celebrated in 1992 and was created by the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organisation with members and contacts in more than 150 countries.

So how does sex work impact on mental health? It is actually something that was discussed by my colleague and friend Lara Mills last year as our site has always been aware of the positive impact of sex work.

How Escorts Help With Mental Health

Stress and loneliness are the two main things that companions can help clients with. These are things that many of us feel at one point or another in our lives; more of us than you would think. Thankfully sex workers can really be of assistance.

Just imagine having stress at work. Targets, some boss up your ass. This can have a really debilitating effect on your mental health. It is like a drip-drip effect, becoming the last thing you think of at night, the first thing you think about in the morning, and sandwiched between is a bad night’s sleep.

Escorts give you the chance to relax and take time away from what is causing you stress. Maybe they could do a massage; that would really make the troubles melt away, even if that feeling is temporary.

Another big benefit of sex workers is that they cater for the lonely. There are many people out there, old, young, middle aged, who have very few people, if not anyone to talk to. This is where escorts can come in.

People think that the escort meeting is just straight to sex, and true, if you have a 30-minute appointment then time is of the essence. BUT for longer appointments, and even some 30-minute ones, the companions get to chat with the client, giving them a chance to offload, or even just talk about their day. The lonely client knows that there is someone they can talk to, putting a smile on their face. This is a part of the service that never usually gets spoken about.

Getting The Right Help

Now we are not going to pretend that escorts are the ultimate fix for mental health problems. There will always be underlying issues which need to be fixed, and the doctor should be the first port of call. However, companions are a wonderful fix for the symptoms, giving clients moments of pleasure in what they will consider something of a wasteland.

They say one on four of us will suffer from a mental health problem at least one time in our lives. Make World Mental Health Day the day that you open up to someone about what you are going through, or speak to someone who you suspect may be struggling. Remember, if you do that, ask twice, as they are likely to go ‘yeah, I am fine’ the first time you ask.

For anyone suffering from a mental health issue, or who has a loved one who is affected, we send our solidarity.

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