Why Drink and Drugs are Bad Before Seeing Escorts

We all get nervous when we see escorts. For some of us it will be the first time doing so, so, despite reading our excellent reviews, there will still be some anxiety as to what you are supposed to do. Then there are the older clients, or more experienced I should say, who still want to be able to please their future partner, and will of course be hoping that the escort is everything that she says she will be.

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Now we all know that when we get nervous, we need to settle those nerves. This will help us actually perform as we want to do. Well, many of us will head for a drink or some soft drugs. However, when it comes to the escort world, this can have real problems, and for many different reasons.

The Dangers of Drink and Drugs

Firstly, we need to remember that the escorts don’t know you. That is part of the appeal, but it comes with associated issues. In this scenario, they don’t know how you react to substances.

Personally, I know that I handle drink very well. Hell, I probably become a nicer guy when I have had beer. However, any prospective companion won’t know that, and will rightfully be concerned that my conduct may not be good.

Alcohol acts as a way of loosening inhibitions. It makes me laugh more, whilst for others, it is their ability to control their temper or violent urges that gets rubbed out. Which companion is really going to say ‘oh, you are a good on the drink, come right in’. Why would anyone who doesn’t know me believe me? I could just as easily be one of those who kick off when I have had an ale.

The same issues come when someone smokes weed. Now this isn’t something I have ever done, and there will be those who say that it just mellows you out. That may or may not be right, and it isn’t one I want to engage in as opinions vary. What is more important is that if the client has it before he comes to the appointment, they eyes will look spaced out. The companion won’t know what you are on, and even if they do, how you react in these circumstances will be open to question for many.

In situations like this, the escort is likely to tell you to get lost. They need to be careful with their security, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Alcohol can have other effects too, notably in the bedroom. If you are too aled up, you may well have issues getting your penis hard, and even if you manage that, actually being able to cum. The meeting will likely be ruined for both you and your chosen companion. And remember, you are on the clock. If your time is being ruined, that will make you even more stressed, causing the problems to snowball. There is no way that having too much to drink is a good idea.

Other Ways To Relax Before an Escort Meeting

So, what can you do to relieve tension? Well you can have one drink, and when you do, you should make sure it is an hour beforehand, and then get straight on the mints so you don’t smell of alcohol when you get to the appointment. This will let you have your drink but will also make sure the escorts don’t feel uncomfortable.

As for drugs, I would stick well clear. There is no way you can mask having taken something. Therefore, it really isn’t worth it.

Still, there are other ways you can relax. There are always things people do to chill out. There will be those of you who like to have a run. Then there other who like to watch their favourite TV programme. It is a case of doing something to keep your mind occupied. It is a case of replacing the alcohol and drugs with something else.

As clients, we often think about ourselves. We pick escorts we fancy and find those who perform services we like. It is pretty self-indulgent. However, we need to remember that escorts are often in very vulnerable positions, working on their own, so it is our responsibility to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

If that means laying off the alcohol or drugs, then I think that is the least we can do. They offer us so much joy and companionship, finding another way to relax before an escort meeting should be a pretty easy thing to do.

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