Why Guys Love Female Bodybuilders! (Video)

Guys, I know that all of you have your own idea of what the perfect woman looks like. In your eyes, they could look big, small, thin, curvaceous and so on.

Female bodybuilder

However, I cannot help but see hot glamour models plastered on the front cover of lad magazines like FHM, Front and NUT.

Before you guys say anything, no, I’m not penalising lad magazines for anything. It just makes me wonder if there is a niche, or even a fetish, for women that are leaner than average? I’m not talking about bikini models, fitness models or athletes; I’m talking about female bodybuilders.

What a lot of guys think about muscular girls

When I started to ponder about the notion, I thought that it would be a good idea to know what men, in general, think about female bodybuilders (also known as IFBB girls) and whether they’d fuck one of them or not. For those who are confused about the difference between fitness models and female bodybuilders, a fitness model would train to look as healthy and toned as she possibly could. However, a female bodybuilder would aim to have the largest amount of muscles and the lowest percentage of body fat that she could possibly get.

After asking the guys in the office whether they’d find a female bodybuilder attractive or not, I received a lot of replies stating that they’re ‘not sexy’, ‘plain scary’ and that if they did fuck one, they would feel like they’re ‘shagging Hulk Hogan’. Now, I’m not much of a WWE fan, but that last comment made me laugh.

Following up from my secondary research on the internet, I’ve found out that the majority of men think the same way. I have a lot of friends who constantly ‘bulk and cut’ and use the official bodybuilding website for guidance.

I took a sneak peak at one of the threads on their community forum and discovered that even most of the men that are into bodybuilding, don’t think female bodybuilders are sexy either. Either that or they would only sleep with an IFBB girl on the condition that her muscles would always be smaller than a man’s arms or legs.

But overall, many of the male bodybuilders, powerlifters and cross-fitters think the same as the guys in my office do; female bodybuilders do not look ‘natural’ enough to be sexually appealing to a guy. However, everyone has a fetish, and what a lot of these guys tend to forget is that they would be at least one guy who gets hot and hard over the sight of a woman covered in muscles…

So, what do other guys think about muscular girls…?

After doing further research, I’ve managed to find records of other men on different forums stating that they think that the effort and dedication that female bodybuilders have while training is hot. I’ve even read a couple of comments from guys saying that they sometimes get a small boner whenever they’d see a girl with big muscles working out in the gym.

Speaking of boners, there are loads of porn videos on websites that are filled with female bodybuilders. When I say loads, I mean loads. I realised that the people who watch IFBB girls getting rammed from behind or riding a guy on top have a muscle fetish; a sexual behaviour that revolves around the attraction of muscles. Kissing muscles, rubbing muscles, massaging muscles, licking muscles and so on…

There are a few IFBB girls that are quite prolific in both the bodybuilder world and the porn industry; girls like Olga Kurkilina, Allison Evans and Melissa Dettwiller. Most of the female bodybuilders that go into porn do it so they could raise the money to enter competitions and tournaments. For the guys that pay money to watch female bodybuilders get fucked, or even get involved with a female bodybuilder in a porn shoot feel like they get more than their money’s worth.

Now, muscle fetish does not have a direct link with BDSM, but it does have some elements that are similar to the kink. Some of the guys that get turned on by gazing at a bodybuilder love the thought of being dominated by one of them, and often see the sexual feminine side to the IFBB girls that other men can’t.

Guys, don’t diss the kink!

So, what does that say about all of the guys that want to cum over an IFBB girl? Well, they’re not closet homosexuals if that’s one thing; the guys would have been going after male bodybuilders instead!

Another thing would be that not all of the muscle fetish lovers want to be abused and humiliated, if they do then they would just see a professional mistress and not a female bodybuilder. One final thing would be that a fetish for IFBB girls is not uncommon. If that fact is false, then why are there so many porn videos with female bodybuilders involved?

Are you a man that gets hot under the collar when a muscular woman walks by? Leave your comments in the section below or on the community forum. I’ll be looking forward to what you guys have to say!

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