Why Is An Overnight A Good Idea?

Have you ever been on a date with a gorgeous girl, when once your encounter with her was over, you started to wish that you’d had more time with her? You’ve taken her to her favourite restaurant, bought her a box of Ferrero Rocher and gave her a kiss that would leave the girl in a daze for days. However, after you’ve finished your date, you start to think about all of the other things that you could have done with her. That’s when you’d start to ponder to yourself: ‘Why didn’t I think of staying with her for the whole night?’ We take a look at why overnight bookings might just be the best for you.

A beautiful escort ready for an overnight

A session for someone who’d have an infinite supply of energy!

If you’re someone who would be raring to have a bit of fun with a companion, fuck the living brains out of her for 20 minutes and then go to sleep for 5 hours, then an overnight session would not be for you.

An overnight session is self-explanatory, but for those who’d like to know what it is, it’s a session with an escort that would last for an average of 12 hours; starting from the evening until the next morning. It gives you the chance to do all the things that you would like to do with an escort. You could treat her to dinner in a luxurious restaurant, watch a film at your local cinema which your second best friend has recommended to you or just have a whole night of fucking.

If you have read any of my other articles, you would know that I like to talk about my past experiences. There was one night where a guy I liked came back to my place for the night, where we’ve started off with a glass of red wine before we moved onto the gin and tonic. Afterwards, we stumbled into my bedroom and we just started chatting to each other.

Do you know when you get a bit tipsy and you start to talk about a couple of topics like politics and the world? This conversation was not like that; we were just talking about shoes and pussy! We continued to talk until I realised that the time was 1.30 AM; that was the moment when the guy took my drink away, pushed me down onto the mattress and pulled my trousers off!

We were fucking each other like animals for an impressive hour and a half before we had a little siesta, until the handsome man woke me up again at 4 AM to slide his throbbing cock inside me. In the morning, I was so hungover but I was able to stand when I gave the guy a hug before he left my flat.

All the things that you can do in an overnight encounter!

Like in many articles that I’ve written, I digress a lot, but my anecdotes would always relate to a certain topic. An overnight session with a courtesan would give you the time to relax and enjoy yourself. You won’t have to rush yourself to do all the things that you want to within a couple of hours.

For example, you can begin the session in the hotel room, where your lovely escort would meet and greet you. You’d start to get acquainted with her, get to know her a little bit better just to break the ice; this would take about half an hour to do.

Afterwards, you two can head down to a 4-star restaurant that you’ve been looking at, where it serves the best sirloin steak that you could find in the area. You two would wine and dine in luxury as she’d laugh and revel in the all of the funny jokes that you’d tell her. This would be the point where you think that you’re having a great time and you don’t want it to end; this would take up about 2-3 hours of your meeting.

Then, when you’ve had your dinners and desserts, you two would go back to the hotel room and start to undress each other after a couple of drinks. You’ve had your first sex session at 11 PM that would finish at around 11.30 PM; I’m just estimating here where I could be talking a lot of crap.

You two would have a bit of rest in bed while you have your quick espresso break to pick up your energy levels, before you start to hump her again at 1 or 1.30 AM. Because you’ve already had a previous fuck, you’d be able to fuck longer before you have another great orgasm at 3.30 AM.

That would be the time when you would call it quits and fall asleep in each others arms, until the morning sun would dawn upon you. That would be the time when you’d have your ‘morning glory’ and feel that you should satisfy it before you have your breakfast buffet in the dining room. Then, when your encounter is over, you could give her two kisses on the cheek and wave her goodbye; knowing that you’ve completed doing all the things that you wanted to do during that overnight session.

Have sex, eat out, have sex again, watch a movie and so on!

There are many clients who would only arrange an hour or a half hour session with an escort for sex and only sex. These kinds of punters wouldn’t think that they’d have the time to introduce themselves, go out to feed the ducks, have a bit of kitchen sex and then watch a lovely movie within one hour.

Nonetheless, there are punters who love to prolong their time and companionship with a gorgeous lady. It’s when you want to spend time doing other pleasant things than sex. OK, you can get sex wherever and whenever you want, but how common is it to have a lovely dinner with a gorgeous girl in your lifetime?

Furthermore, when you want to clean yourself up after having a raunchy rendezvous, it would take much longer than five minutes to get naked, jump into the shower, jump out and dry yourself up to get back into your clothes. You have to believe me. I’ve tried to have a shower within five minutes and it’s just unachievable!

Therefore, when you’re arranging an overnight booking with a beautiful escort, just go easy like the wind. There would be no need for you to rush and you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on all the things you would love to do with your companion.

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