Who Is Pornstar Stormy Daniels?

We have heard a lot about porn star Stormy Daniels recently. For those who have been on Mars, she is the woman who is embroiled in a legal dispute with President Donald Trump (has that stopped sounding weird yet?) over whether they had an affair or not. Without getting embroiled in the tedious legal machinations, this all revolves around alleged ‘hush money’ she was paid before the 2016 election to keep quiet about it.

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But who is she, other than the girl who allegedly screwed Trump behind the beautiful Melania’s back after a meeting at a golf resort in 2006? Well, it seems that looking behind the headlines, we have a woman with many strings to her bow.

An Early Start

Stormy Daniels was born Stephanie Gregory Clifford on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She took the name ‘Stormy Daniels’ from Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s daughter Storm after she began stripping at the age of 17.

Stormy was then invited to act in lesbian scenes with fellow porn star Devon Michaels, and then appeared in a heterosexual film called ‘Heat’ (no, not with Pacino and De Niro, though that would have been cool)

In 2014, she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame. Stormy directional work that year earned her 14 AVN award nominations, including one for Best Safe Sex Scene in First Crush. This has marked as a star on both sides of the camera.

As well as being a porn actress, she has appeared in ‘Dirt’ on the FX Network where she played a stripper. She was also in the Maroon 5 ‘Wake Up Call’ video where she also played a stripper (OK, a bit of typecasting going on there)

Still, it is her venture into politics in 2010 which stands out on that resume.

In 2010, fans of Stormy Daniels tried to oust Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter after starting the website DraftStormy.com
She declared herself a Republican and toured the state voicing her concerns about the economy, women in business and child protection. All important issues that showed a real deep social conscience.

Sadly she announced the same month that she wasn’t going to run, claiming the media didn’t take her seriously. Funnily enough, before that decision was made, Donald Trump was rumoured to be funding her campaign. Obviously their relationship was much better back then.

A Bright Future

Why Stormy Daniels is getting involved in this Trump business is less clear. Some will say it is a fantastic piece of self promotion, whilst others will say it is her reacting to be called a liar. Without looking in her head we will never know.

However, what we can say is that Stormy Daniels isn’t some ‘cheap hooker’ selling her body and her story for cheap cash. Sadly a lot of society believes women become porn stars because they can’t do anything else. Daniels is a living embodiment of the fact that that is bollocks.

No matter what becomes of the Trump scandal, I suspect Stormy Daniels will continue to be a success, no matter what field she goes into.

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