Five Things You REALLY Shouldn’t Say To an Escort

I have been there before. You go to an escort meeting and are stuck for something to say. As I am not an egotist I don’t go straight to speaking about myself. I decide instead to talk to them about them. This is where things can get tricky.

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The question is, at what point are you becoming too personal or insulting? Well, although no woman is the same, there are certain things you should veer well away from saying. Though some may not be offended, your odds really aren’t good, even if the intentions are.

1) Have You Ever Thought About Getting a Proper Job?

Sex work is a proper job, and there are various reasons they choose this kind of work. They can work what hours they like, and it puts them in control of their life. To ask this question makes it sound like a bum job and a bad decision. For most this isn’t the case.

2) Do Your Family Know You Do This?

They may, they may not. They may react well, they may react badly. It is none of your business and is far too personal.

3) Have You Been Busy Today?

It is likely to be meant as a well-meaning question about their business, but is often used by clients who like to know they haven’t been having sex with too many people before them. Just so the escort isn’t questioning which one you are, I would steer away from this one.

4) Do You Actually Enjoy This?

The implication is that they shouldn’t. And even if they don’t, they aren’t likely to spill their guts to you, a client.

If they don’t like their job they will quit. There is no need for you to ask. If they look unhappy, then you know where the door is.

5) Would You Like to Go For a Drink Later?

For many of us, in the beginning, it seemed a strange thing to just have sex with someone and leave. Though I never did it, some people I know asked the girl if they wanted to go for a drink later, just so it seemed a bit more personal.

However, the companions DON’T WANT it to be personal, and they certainly have no wish for you to come across like a guy who doesn’t understand boundaries.

In the end it is better to ask how they are and stay formal. Stick to small talk, like the weather or some crap that has been on TV. In fact, if you speak about your day it is even better as that allows her to interact with you without her feeling she is being pressured, as if she is with some journalist.

This isn’t a normal social situation, so as long as you treat the escort like they are a human being (because they are) then you will be fine, Respect is the key. Respect for them as people, and respect for their privacy.

Think of it like that and you can’t go wrong.

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