Study Announces What Women Want Guys To Say in Bed – Number One is Shocking!

Dirty talk can be a lot of fun. It spices things up in the bedroom, and in doing so stops you having silence, or awful ‘porn moaning’ which everyone knows is fake. How we do it though can be complicated. Not dirty enough and it is a waste of time; too dirty and you risk the other person thinking you have serious mental problems.

woman sitting on man in bed

However, a new study claims to show the three things that women want to hear the most. And, well, the winner raises a few more questions than it answers.

An Interesting Study

The survey, by Forktip, asked 5,000 adults questions about their sex life Рand included asking straight women what they most like to hear their partner saying during sex.

Lets start with number two and number three. They seem to make sense. Number three has them wanting to be told how good it is. Number two has them liking to be told how tight their pussy is, which once again I can understand. However, at number one we have one that has left me, and many people scratching their heads.

Ladies rated being asked to ‘call him daddy’ as their top turn-on.

Some people will definitely have an issue with that sounding really fucking dodgy.

Major, Major Issues

I mean, WTF? Why would women want to be asked to call him ‘Daddy’? Maybe it is me being stupid but surely that would be like being molested by your Father? When we talk about fantasies that is never one I see near the top of the list. Actually, and rightfully, that is a criminal offence and one where most of society wouldn’t shed a tear if the perpetrators got a well deserved kicking upon conviction.

I have to say, no matter what this survey says, I won’t be adding this one to my bedroom routine. If that leaves any ladies feeling they are missing about, please feel free to say why the hell ‘call me daddy’ sounds good in bed from your perspective.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I need a drink.

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