We are back with some great news for you! We have recently renewed & updated our bundle packages to make them even more convenient for you and your profile! 😃

With offers including daily promos, weekly packages or general discounted bundles. We have placed YOU at the center, offering all of you special treatment that you deserve!

Why should you buy bundles?

Let’s start by saying bundles are the most advantageous combination of cost of quality and products offered in order to meet all of your requirements.

The lower cost of the products you’re buying mix up with the highest level of quality and efficiency of the products offered. The result is that bundles are definitely the best value for your money!

You won’t have to worry about repeatedly buying single tours, adverts or stories every time. In just one click you’ll have a set of your favorite features that you may use how & when you desire.

Our TOP selling bundles  

Currently, the most comprehensive bundle you can get is the one with the most value for the money you spend. Given its effectiveness, we have decided to call this “Everyone’s Fav” bundle, as it makes you most visible for everyone currently on the site! A fantastic mix of tours, double top adverts, and stories to give you prime position to all punters’ eyes! It’s the perfect investment that will provide you with lots of interest almost immediately. Go ahead, choose it now and make your time in Ireland worthwhile!

  • 10 DAY TOUR – You’ll be able to create a new 10-day tour and your advert will start directly on the homepage!
  • 10 DAY DOUBLE TOP ADVERT – A 10-day pack of the advert with the highest visibility and the best value for your money… You’ll get double the size of a TOP advert, with a personalized and catchy design!
  • 10 STORIES – You’ll have the chance to increase your visibility on the site with 10 fantastic stories!

Another great bundle which is getting more and more popular is the “Love me” package. This is because they will love you after you start posting stories on the website. Or maybe because you are a real star and want your advert to always have the best exposure on the site? In both cases, this is the perfect mix of products that will make your profile shine!

  • 20 STORIES –You’ll have the chance to increase your visibility on the site with 20 fantastic stories!
  • 5 AVAILABLE NOW – 5 special frames with a flashing icon on your advert, for when you want to let users know your immediate availability on the site!

Some more SUPER BUNDLES for you to choose:

Maximise the visibility of your tour with a special ‘double TOP’ advert’!

Along with your daily tour and ‘double TOP advert’, add a ‘double advert’ that you may use on the site whenever you prefer!

Start a 7-day tour with a bigger advert than the classic profile ad to make your advert stand out!

Make your advert even more recognizable with a super offer on the ‘double TOP adverts’!

A sweet gift for your 3-day tour!

Willing to always make users aware of your availability with a prime position on the site? This bundle is the perfect spot for you then!

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