Want To Talk Dirty? Here’s How To Get It Right

Trying to spice things up in the bedroom can be tough. For many of us, it involves stepping out of our comfort zone. This isn’t something we enjoy doing but if we want to have mind blowing sex, we have to take that leap… or maybe just a step. If you learn how to talk dirty, you don’t actually go too far out of your comfort zone!

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For some people the idea of dirty talk is terrifying. They worry that they’ll say the wrong thing and take things too far… or that they’ll just completely miss the mark and turn their partner off. It puts plenty of people off trying it. Why? Because we don’t like getting things wrong.

So why not save yourself the hassle and use the Escort Ireland guide below? We tell you not only the types of things you should say, but also have some great examples that are pretty much guaranteed to make them want you.

Ease into it with sexting

Thanks to mobile phones we now have the entire internet at our finger tips. It means we can rarely pull ourselves away from our phones, and we are constantly in touch with friends and family about the things going on in our lives.

If you are really nervous about trying dirty talk, your phone can be a great way to ease into it. Sexting is a lot of fun, but is perfect for those of you not quite ready to say those naughty things to your partner’s face.

You get a little bit of time to think of your reply before you send it, which you can’t do when face-to-face. This makes it ideal for those keen to talk dirty but unsure where to start. Looking for great sexting examples? Here are some to try:

– I can’t stop thinking about the last time we were together…

– I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight. I’ve got a few ideas on how we can spend our time together.

– I keep having naughty thoughts about you…

– It’s a shame you aren’t here right now, because I know what I’d do if you were.

Description vs. vulgarity

Some people are more than happy to add a few swears and obscenities to dirty talk. However, those who do will usually have talked to their partner about it already. It isn’t a surprise to their partner, as they have already discussed the kind of language they find acceptable.

You’ll need to err on the side of caution and avoid using language that may be seen as too extreme when you want to talk dirty. Personally I’m a huge fan of being told that someone wants to fuck me hard and make me scream, but this isn’t for everyone.

The solution? Get descriptive. This is the thing about dirty talk that terrifies people. They don’t know how to do this and panic that they will get it really wrong. It’s simple really. All you have to do is think about how you can adjust a few of the statements you make to be more intense. For example, the phrase “I love it when you do that” can mean anything… so be a little more specific. What exactly is your partner doing that is making you so hard? Here are some suggestions for turning this phrase into a fantastic piece of dirty talk:

– Watching you touch yourself makes me desperate to put my hands on you.

– It’s such a turn on to see you bite your lip as you’re about to cum.

– Do you know how hot it is when you look at me as you suck my cock?

– My favourite thing to do to you is…

Warming up? Say what you want

Talking dirty is perfect for so many different times in the bedroom, but it is especially great if you want to turn your partner on and get them in the mood before you even touch them. By getting them thinking about sex and the things that you will do to them, it is going to turn them on.

Not sure what to say? Stick to what you want. You know what you want, and so it is going to be easier to say it, instead of trying to think up something. These wants work even better if they are things you can do to your partner, but you can be selfish and make it purely about your desires.

There are so many different things you could want in the bedroom, so don’t limit yourself. Tell them exactly what you are hoping for, and if you are still stuck? We’ve got some examples to help you out.

– I want to taste you on my tongue.

– I want to see you on your knees, begging for me to take out my cock so you can wrap your lips around it.

– I want to make you scream using just my hands.

– I want to hear about the dirtiest fantasy you’ve had about me.

Having sex? Say what you like

Most people tend to use dirty talk when they are getting their partner in the mood. Sending a quiet sext or trying to talk dirty before you even enter the bedroom is a fantastic way to turn you both on and let you both know what you are hoping will happen.

That doesn’t mean you should stop talking dirty the moment you enter the bedroom. In fact, you’ll find that your sex life is even hotter if you continue to add a few kinky phrases as you go. We are most open to suggestions and talking when we are having sex, because we are a little distracted. The intense pleasure we are feeling makes it easy to open up, so if you really want to try it, now is the best time.

The key with enjoying this during sex is to focus on what you like. You’ve already told them what you want, and if you are having sex the chances are you are getting it. So make it clear to your partner what works for you. Tell them what feels hot to you and what turns you on the most. “That feels good” might be enough for some people, but here are some variations:

– I love feeling your hands in my hair as I’m going down on you.

– It feels so good when you move your body like that.

– When you flick your tongue over the head of my cock like that I swear I’m going to cum.

– I love being buried inside of you.

Still can’t talk dirty?

You might love the examples above but still feel like you don’t have the confidence to pull off these kinky phrases. When you want to talk dirty you just have to take the plunge. Still having a tough time with it? There are some other things you can do.

Moaning works really well. A well placed moan tells your partner that what they are doing to you feels fantastic and makes them want to do it again. They want to get you moaning as much as possible. You can even say their name, which shows that you are present and in the moment with them.

Got some of your own tips you want to share? You can leave them in the comment box below. Let us know about your go-to phrases when it comes to talking dirty and join in the discussion. You might just pick up some new tips!

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