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For people who are visiting Ireland, there are a number of different places worth visiting. There are numerous cities in Ireland which are definitely worth visiting, and one of the many cities of Ireland is Waterford. Situated within the South Eastern region of Ireland, Waterford is also a part of the Munster province. In all of Ireland, Waterford is the oldest city, and on the list of most populous cities, Waterford ranks at number five. The local government authority of the city is the Waterford City Council. The population of Waterford is around 46,732.

Being the oldest city in Ireland, the history of Waterford goes back to the 1st century. However, for people who are visiting the city today, this might not seem the case. Compared to the more popular and well developed cities such as Dublin and others, Waterford isn’t as well developed as many might think. But, that does not mean that there is a lack of places for people to visit here. Those who are visiting Ireland should definitely visit Waterford, because it perfectly captures the traditions of Ireland and with a host of different festivals that are held in the city, it is a very popular attraction for tourists. A lot of people have been asking me as of late to write a traveller’s guide for Waterford, so let’s start off with the history of this beautiful city:

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History of Waterford

The first settlement came in to Waterford back in 853, when Viking raiders created a settlement within the area. However, the area was vacated just fifty years after, along with all other longphorts. This was due to the Vikings being driven out of the land by the native people of Ireland. It wasn’t long until the Vikings came back and settled in the area, and by 914, they had established a colony again. The King of Leinster tried to take the city during 1167, but failed. However, he managed to take control of the city by 1170, along with mercenaries.

Then, Dublin and Waterford were both declared to be royal cities. During the Middle Ages, Waterford didn’t see much progress and it was mainly a place for battle hardened soldiers to take respite in. The city didn’t see much progress during the 17th and 18th century, and it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that sincere development began to take place in the area. Waterford is a great place for people to visit for tourists, because even though there are a number of tourist locations in the area, the climate of the area is also extremely nice. Even though there is lots of rainfall in the area, the climate remains cool and peaceful all around.

Tourism in Waterford

There are a whole host of different places for tourists to visit in Waterford. The Waterford Museum of Treasures is a fine place to be, and it constitutes the main building in the Viking Triangle. Other places to visit in Waterford include a museum which is situated at Mount Sion, which is dedicated to the history of the Sion Brothers. The Waterford Municipal Art Gallery is another great place to visit for people who are interested in arts and designs. There are a number of new cafes and chapels within the area for people to visit, and the nightlife of Waterford has also developed extensively in the past few decades.


The locals are also fans of theatre, and the Theatre Royal, which was created back in 1876 is one of the most historically significant as well as impressive buildings in the area. Other places to visit include the Garter Lane Arts Centre as well as the St. John’s College in Waterford, both of which are historically old buildings. The Christ Church Cathedral as well as the Three Sisters are other places which you should definitely check out.

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