TS and TV Escorts – What to Expect When Working with First Time Clients

Clients are not all the same, and neither are people. Some first time clients may simply want to explore their sexuality by giving or receiving by being with a TV or TS, whether it’s a fetish, a fantasy that needs to be fulfilled, or finding their sexuality.

Understanding what to expect from clients who are new to this experience can help make things comfortable for both of you.

TS and TV Escorts - What To Expect From First-Time Clients

Easing First-Time Jitters

First-time clients are often anxious and unsure about what they want. Usually, you’ll need to take the lead. A quick, friendly chat to break the ice can set a comfortable tone for the rest of the encounter.

Exploring New Experiences

Clients come from various backgrounds and have different reasons for seeking your services. Some may be fulfilling a long-held fantasy, while others may be exploring their own sexuality. The key is to be patient and help guide them through this journey. Open communication and a clear understanding of their wishes are crucial. Be ready to assist your client on their personal journey. Be prepared for some clients to be a bit shy or uncertain initially.

Setting the Scene for the First Encounter

First-timers are usually looking for an escort who can make them feel at ease while encouraging them to try new things. Whether your client identifies as TV or TS or is just exploring their sexuality, taking it slow can make a world of difference. Create a welcoming atmosphere with touches like soft music, candles, and perhaps even a glass of wine to help break the ice.

Communication is Key

Since each client has unique desires, good communication is vital. Try to understand their fantasies without pressuring them; some may not even know what they want. Be attuned to their reactions -stick with what makes them happy and steer clear of anything that causes discomfort.

Safety First

Protection should never be an afterthought; it’s crucial for both you and your client. Practicing safe interactions is not just responsible- it’s a form of self-care.

Extra Tools for the Experience

Having some essentials like lubricant and even some optional sex toys can add another layer of excitement, especially for those looking to experiment.

By being patient, open, and attentive, you can provide a fulfilling and memorable experience for first-time clients, setting the stage for potential future encounters


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