A Tourists Guide to Belfast

If you are visiting Ireland, you have to take a stop at Belfast. One of the finest locations in the area, Belfast is the largest city as well as the administrative capital of Northern Ireland. The whole city is divided in to two counties, with most parts being situated in County Antrim, while Eastern and Southern Belfast remain in County Down. The whole city itself is situated on the flood plains of the River Lagan. If the population of the city was kept in to perspective, Belfast would be the 14th largest city in the United States. On the island of Ireland, it would rank at number 2, with a population of around 286,000.

Belfast is famous for a number of different activities, ranging from the production of tobacco to the creation of linen and manufacture of rope. The city is also quite popular for ship building, and one of their greatest achievements is etched in to history; the largest ship builders within the city, Harland and Wolff, was the company which created the RMS Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage. A lot of people have asked me to write a small guide for tourists who are looking to skip the conventional touring and really get up and close with the sights in Belfast. Sure, you can get a lot of information from a guide or the Internet, but if you really want to know how it feels down there, here’s a brief guide for you:


History of Belfast

There are evidences of people having settled in the area of Belfast ever since the Bronze Age. One of the sights to see in this area is the Giant’s Ring, which is situated very close to the city. This is a 5,000 year old henge that still stands today. Numerous hill forts that were created during the Bronze Age are also present and can be viewed from the nearby hills. Throughout the Middle Ages, Belfast commanded little to no importance. However, by the 17th century, Belfast began to progress rapidly, and once it was setup as a town by Sir Arthur Chichester, Belfast began to thrive.

The Society of United Irishmen was also founded in Belfast, back in 1791. The 18th and 19th centuries were especially kind to Belfast, as it soon turned in to a commercial hub for a number of industrial activities, ranging from ship building to rope making. For a very small period of time, Belfast was regarded as the largest city of Ireland, overtaking Dublin. This just goes on to show the level of progress that the city registered in a brief period of time. As Ireland was partitioned in 1922, Belfast became the new capital of Northern Ireland. In the Second World War, Belfast was bombed quite heavily too; it comes in behind London with the greatest loss of life and damage.


However, since the War, the city has thrived and developed massively, even though a number of troubling riots took place in the city. For instance, the Provisional IRA’s detonation of 22 bombs in the city centre of Belfast killed nine, and is termed as ‘Bloody Friday’. This took place in 1972.

Tourism in Belfast

Tourism in Belfast is very popular, and the city is home to a number of top attractions and sights to view. First of all, you need to visit the Odyssey Arena, which is home to the Belfast Giants. Mainly reserved for rugby, the Odyssey Arena is also home to a number of different festivals and concerts. The old Grand Opera House in Belfast is another very important place for people to visit, and with top nothc opera singers performing, it is definitely worth it. The Waterfront Hall provides a majestic view of the surrounding areas of Belfast.

Ulster Hall is another very famous place in Belfast, while the famous Belfast Castle is definitely worth a trip for history aficionados. The Ulster Museum in Belfast holds a number of different antiquities from the history of Ireland itself. The Cavehill is a naturally designed cave formed in a hill, and can be seen easily; historically, people used to live in this cave.

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