Escort-Ireland’s Top Performers for December 2020 on EscortFans!

In this article, we want to show you the number of escorts, dominatrix and massage providers from Escort-Ireland who have managed to become the TOP PERFORMERS on during December.

We imagine you may have already noticed that thousands of escorts from Escort-Ireland also have a profile on, right? Well, for those who have not noticed, or don’t know what EscortFans is, you can visit our article published previously where you can discover what this new escort-friendly social media platform is all about. If you still have no clue what it is, we have a little hint for you: it is the only place where you can find all the exclusive, never-before-seen content from your favourite escorts and the only place where you can interact with them!

Even though there are so many profiles with amazing content on our site, only a fair few make it to the top and become real stars of EscortFans each month.

EscortFans Winning Performer: Claudia AX

Claudia Angel X has been crowned as the winning performer on EscortFans for December 2020; the No. 1 content creator with the most fans on the site! If you’re wondering how she has managed to garner so many fans, you should know that the type of exclusive content she posts doesn’t make it a surprise.

The Blowjob Queen is always eager to give you a ‘unique experience of ecstasy and pleasure’ whether you’re a loyal or brand new fan on her profile. Her page is filled with a plethora of live shows, naked selfies, shower videos, and many other types of fetish content that would make you drool on your screen.

If you’re already a fan of her profile on EscortFans, we recommend that you congratulate her for being the star of the show on our site, as we couldn’t thank her enough for all of the explicit photos and videos that she updates on a daily basis. Congratulations, Claudia AX!

EscortFans Runner Up Performer: Sofia

The position for second place as the top performer on EscortFans for December 2020 goes to none other than the gorgeous Sofia. Why, you may ask?

The moment when you tap your finger onto her page, or double click on your mouse to go to her profile, the first thing that you’ll discover is that she is on a quest to satisfy all of your fetish needs and desires! That says a lot! About her as a content creator, and you know what? We can totally vouch for her, due to the assortment of sizzling selfies and videos that she posts on our site, which got her landed on our list of top 5 performers for December 2020!

Additionally, Sofia has also published a few FREEVIEW POSTS for all of the viewers who are questioning about hitting the subscribe button on her page. You’ll be able to get a good idea on the type of explicit content they would access to on her page.

CONGRATULATIONS on getting  second place, Sofia!

EscortFans Runner Up Performer: Irish Jezebel

If it’s not the One and Only Irish Jezebel from Escort-Ireland who would land third place on our top 5 performer’s list on EscortFan, tell us, who would they be? Exactly…you can’t think of anyone else but Irish Jezebel!

All of her fans, viewers, and admirers adore and cherish the photos and videos that she has published throughout Christmas, New Years, and all of the other days that fall under December 2020! We can’t help but confess that women from Ireland have something unique that makes them irresistible and desirable!

Eventhough the One and Only Irish Jezebel hasn’t published any Freeview posts for you to gaze at on her page, we can assure you that if you’re searching for steamy, sizzling visuals that show how seductive our favourite IRISH MILF can be, do not falter any longer and become her fan now. Congratulations on landing third place, Irish Jezebel!

EscortFans Runner Up Performer: Sexy Evelyne

My, oh my, oh my! When we hear the name Sexy Evelyne ring in our ears, the first thing that we think about is the myriad of visual, orgasmic content you would discover on her profile.

If Sexy Evelyne is a content creator that you’re already following, you would be able to back us up on our reason for adding her to our list of top 5 performers for December 2020. Furthermore, if what you are looking for is a hot creator who posts some of the most uncensored, explicit performances for you to watch, she has it all!

From raunchy webcam shows to nude selfies, and to x-rated videos that include all kinds of fetishes and kinks that will make your jaw drop!

What other forms of media would you find on her page? If you go and view her profile, you will see a couple of FREEVIEW POSTS that Sexy Evelyne has generously published to give you an idea of the juicy content she uploads on our site.

Don’t forget, she loves nothing else better but to interact and chat with both her new and loyal fans! Congratulations Sexy Evelyne for landing fourth place on this list!

EscortFans Runner Up Performer: Martina

Finally, we want to let you know who our last runner up from the top 5 performers on our site. However, we also want to let her know that she is by no means the least important or least attractive profile that you’d see EscortFans.

Martina is one of the many beautiful Latinas that publish exclusive content on our site. This half Colombian, half Spanish goddess will leave you speechless, not to mention thirsty, with all the x-rated photos and videos you’d gawk at on her profile!

So, what makes Martina unique and why do her fans love her so much?  Well, for one, she adores receiving suggestions from her fans on the type of photos, videos, and webcam shows that makes them want to view her webpage as their first thing to do in the morning.

The moment you become a fan of hers, you can enjoy all of the daily selfies that she publishes along with her videos! Congratulations Martina for being part of the TOP 5 PERFORMERS in December 2020!

How to find more escorts from Escort-Ireland who also have a profile on Escortfans?

The answer is as simple as pie! The quickest method to search of escorts, dominatrixes, and massage providers on our site is by clicking the “SEARCH” button on, and checking the “Is On” box.

You can also apply a filter to your search, and select if you either want to find escorts, dominatrix or massage providers. Once you have selected your features, click on “SEARCH Results” and all the profiles will appear before you.

When you click on the profile of your choice, you will find a button called “EscortFans”, if you click it, you’ll be taken directly to their profile in EscortFans, where by becoming their fan, you can access their pages to see all their content, send and receive content, and interact with them via PMs!

If you are not registered yet, you can do it HERE. The process is very simple and fast!


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