The Top Five Dating Mistakes Men Make

We are well aware that most men on here are don’t just see escorts. Like the companions themselves, you are mostly people with lives outside this website, and just like everyone else, you have to date.

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One of the best things about our industry is the fact that the girls are easy to meet. You pick up the phone, arrange it, and spend time with the lady. In the real world, things are a bit more complicated. You actually have to impress your date, and if you are anything like me, those first meetings can often be a disaster.

There are five common mistakes that guys will make on these occasions. Today we are going to tell you them. I can guarantee that you will recognise at least one.

1) Talking About Your Ex

Yes, you will be trying to find something to talk about but chatting about your ex just makes you come across like you are not over them. People want to feel special; they don’t want to feel like you wish someone else was there.


2) Too Much ‘I’

Once again, we often get stuck for things to say. Then, in an attempt to introduce yourself, you talk about who you are and what you do. That can easily veer into the realms of coming across as egotistical if you do it too much. No woman wants a guy who is more interested in themselves, rather than her.


3) Wanting To Commit

You may well like someone, but if you start to talk about long term relationships and kids too soon, it comes across as rushed and a bit weird. You do this, and you will find the other person wanting to put some distance between the two of you.


4) Not Giving Someone a Chance

It is very easy to become too judgemental. You can take a look at someone and think ‘nah’. You then spend the whole date waiting for it to end as you think it is pointless. The other person will pick up on this and will then hate the time too.

When you do this though, you aren’t giving someone you may actually connect with a chance. And even if you don’t fancy them, you have just ruined a good meal or night out. Therefore you should just go with the flow and take it for what it is; an evening out.


5) Having a Negative Mindset

The dating game can be tough, and we have all had a run of bad luck. It becomes easy then to set yourself up for failure, instead of suffering disappointment because you want it to go well.

This ‘expectation management’ can lead to the date turning into a disaster anyway. You will just come across as sullen and it will fail, not because of fate, but because of your actions. So cheer up!


So how many of your own faults did you spot? I have to say, talking about myself is my major fault and I screwed up so many dates by doing that! You can tell us in the poll below!

We hope all your dating experiences go well, but of course we imagine you still find time to come back to Escort Ireland. How could you live without us?

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