Top Five Tools For BDSM Impact Play

Do you have a slave that needs to be spanked? I know I need to be spanked sometimes…It’s amazing how many shops are dedicated to producing the perfect BDSM instruments, both online and on the high street.

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Seriously, if you have an Ann Summers shop where you live, you can simply buy your favourite lube there before you go next door to buy the latest jumpsuit from River Island. If you want your clothes from River Island to last longer than your pet fish did when you were 6 years-old, you’ll also want your impact tools to be strong and durable.

Whether you are an independent mistress, or a girl that just likes to humiliate pathetic pigs in the bedroom, you need to know which D/S instruments can make your subs never forget who is the boss in the bedroom.

Alu Whip 60 Flap – Kinkterest

I’ve recently got acquainted with Kinkterest on Twitter, and I couldn’t help but look at what type of ‘things’ the shop sells. It’s natural for a first-timer to be eager in buying all of the tools that you could think of getting. However, since most beginners wouldn’t particularly know where to look when it comes to finding BDSM impact tools, they would normally head straight for the party shops that sell sexy Halloween costumes.

If you want to find impact tools that are worth half of your rent and arm, it would be Kinkterest.

Their Alu Whip 60 Flap expresses elegance, sophistication, seduction and torture in one little crop; a handy little thing to keep in your goodie draw when your submissive partner is being a smartass. Furthermore, it’s great for leaving little flap marks on your sub’s butt cheeks, and it only sets you back at €79.95.

Leather Red Heart Paddle – Honour

When you’re going to spank your playpig really hard, you have to make sure that you spank out of love. Therefore, what kind of paddle could you use in your sex dungeon if not a leather red hearted one? I’m pretty sure that the Honour BDSM shop would agree with me.

This little gem is 30 cm long, 15 cm wide, and can give you a feeling that you wouldn’t be able to forget. The paddle consists of the two most fitting colours that relate to BDSM, black and red, and it also includes a wrist strap just in case the laws of physics go against you and makes your paddle fly out of the window. Not bad for £17.99 (€21.61).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an image link for the Red Heart Paddle, but you have have a look at it here.

Boutique Black Rose Pleasure Flogger – Love Honey

I actually have a friend that works at Love Honey. Really. He managed to get a discount on a particular tool that he requested from the BDSM section, which is the Boutique Black Rose Pleasure Flogger.

I really like the name that they gave the tool, but don’t let it fool you.

Similar to Kinkterest’s Alu Whip 60 Flap Crop, it’s small enough to fit into your handbag and durable enough to leave red lines on your little bitch. Costing you £14.99 (€17.97), you can wait and buy that awesome shirt from H&M another day.

Devil’s Tail Slapper – Kinkterest

And now we’re back to Kinkterest. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of ‘slapper’ before, but I definitely want to try it out, or have someone to try it out on me! From the look of the Devil’s Tail Slapper, it could give me multiple bee stings and make it impossible for me to sit down for days.

The colour scheme makes it look dangerous too. I mean, wouldn’t you be afraid of a slapper that’s over 15 cm long, has a thick pointy tail, and is covered in red and black leather? I’m going to be honest and say that I wouldn’t mind spending €139.95, or an arm, to own the Devil’s Tail Slapper.

Leather 121.9 cm Whip – Kinkterest

This just looks like a monster, and that’s a very good thing. It looks like it turns into a Black Mamba snake when a domme grabs onto it, and bites you with every lash you receive from the whip.

It’s made out of plaited leather with a Turks head knot handle that would keep your grip on the whip whenever you lash your bitch to make him, or her cry. The whip does set you back around €159.95, but it does give your sub a lifetime of lashings if you put an investment into it!

Don’t forget to have a look at other kinky equipment the shops sell, along with updates and newsletters on their twitters!


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