Tips For Men Who Like The Cowgirl Position

I haven’t met one man who doesn’t enjoy the cowgirl position. For a diversity of reasons men just love to have their women on top. However, though this position allows a variety of interesting sights and feeling for both people involved in the sexual intercourse, there are women who don’t like being on top.

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They have different reasons and many of them don’t have anything to do with their partners, but there are some things most men could improve when it comes to this position. And they should do their best to make their lovers comfortable on top because this is a great way for ladies to reach orgasm since they decide the rhythm and how deep their partners enter them.

Keep the Energy Up and Move Your Ass

If the reason you love the cowgirl position is because you get to do nothing, you are doing everything wrong. First of all…what the hell man? I thought you love her on top because you like the way she moves her boobs in front of your eye. Otherwise, you might want to know that even if the man doesn’t NEED to do anything while under the energetic lady, that’s not what sex is about.

If everything was that simple, I would have bought a doll with a “never-ending erection” and jump on it whenever I wanted a little banging. And believe me, I wouldn’t be the only one in a relationship with such a magic Pinocchio. But it’s not so simple for women to be pleased or to reach orgasm.

So, though I understand that you’re in the driver’s seat, you should act like a real co-pilot, man. Thrust up and down, “go Shakira on her” and move your hips in a swirling motion. This way, not only can you stimulate that horny pussy but you also show her you have a fantastic time and make her get closer to an orgasm.

Playing dead doesn’t help any of you. Just imagine you being on top and her lying there like Lenin’s corpse in Moscow. Not a great image, right?

Pull Her Hair, Taste Her Lips, Play with Her Body

You have your lady on top, doing almost all the sexy job, right? At the same time, your hands are free and her body is close enough for you to play with it but you’re…doing nothing? Again, allow me to remind you how much you like her moving that ass and playing with her fingernails on your back while you’re doing all the job. So, now you should take advantage of this position and give your lady a little manual pleasure.

You can begin with slow, romantic actions like touching her face and neck while kissing her soft lips. As you’re getting hotter and hotter, move to pulling her hair a bit and kissing her harder.

Continue with moving your fingers down her back until you get to that sexy ass. Now, though the cowgirl position that allows women to dominate their partners, you can take control for a while and move that ass. And this time, I am talking about hers.

One of the areas you should insist on is her breasts. Just like you enjoy your lady playing with your balls, she loves it when you stick to stimulating her boobs. If you didn’t know until now, there are women who even experience boobgasms. Of course, their men help them. A lot.

How to play with her boobs? If you don’t know how your lady likes being touched you should pay more attention to her reactions, or in case this is not your strength, just ask. She will appreciate the interest you show in pleasuring her and guide you through everything.

Impress the Cowgirl. Touch Her Right. There

Last, but not least satisfy the clit! How many times did you play with her pussy while she was on top? I really hope your answer involves the word “many”! However, if it doesn’t it’s time to take your role seriously. So, while lying on the bed and being banged by your gorgeous lady, stroke her pleasure button. Just like I said about how to play with her boobs, when it comes to rubbing her clit, touch it exactly the way she likes it. Women are different and while some like it fast and hard, others prefer a gentler touch. So, you better find out what kind of women you have and how you can please her!

As you can see, even though the cowgirl position might give you the impression that you get to rest while having a gorgeous woman offering you pleasure, your presence is needed. And in order for both people to have amazing sex, you need to be there physically and spiritually. So, if you used to be an inactive lover, it’s time for a change! It’s not only for your lady! If you offer more, you get more!

If you have any other tips please share them with us by commenting below or by posting on our online community. Your ideas might bring great orgasms to many women! So, don’t keep them for yourself!

Anna Smith

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