Tips For First Time Anal Play

Sometimes when you are on your own and having a little bit of fun playing with yourself, you will find your hand drifting to your arse. You want to know what it is like to do something anally, whether it is simply rubbing a finger around the rim or keeping a butt plug in there while you orgasm. However, if you have never tried anal play before it can be a little overwhelming.

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Usually when that happens you can do a quick search online and find thousands of web pages to help you put your mind at ease, but when it comes to anal play that can make things worse. There are so many pages of people telling you what to do and what not to do, and many are actually advertisements trying to get you to buy a specific product that works “better than all the rest”.

If you have found yourself wondering just what you should be doing for your first time anal play, look no further, as here on the Escort Ireland we have some great tips for first time anal play.

Lube is your friend

One of the big mistakes that people find themselves making when trying out anal play for the first time is going in dry. They underestimate the amount of lubrication their ass needs and so will often try to fill it without using anything to help. It makes the going really tough and can actually hurt, which might put you off it completely.

What you want to do is stock up on lube. You can buy plenty of great quality ones for a good price, and you could even pick them up while you’re getting your grocery shopping for the week! You might be able to get better deals online though, and you find a larger selection for you, so make sure you shop around first. If you’d rather not buy any lube at all, some people say that your saliva might make a good alternative in a rush. Others suggest using things like coconut oil or olive oil, but you might want to save for the real thing.

If you aren’t sure how much lube you need, it is better to use too much instead of not enough. If you use too much, you can simply wipe it away as you happily finger your ass, but not enough can make things frustrating for you. Experiment to find the right balance for you.

Finger fun

Anal play doesn’t always mean buying the biggest and baddest looking vibrator in the shop and slamming it into your ass. You can do it with your finger, and you might not even have to penetrate to get a great feeling.

There’s a reason that rimming is so popular, and that is because the feeling of someone’s tongue running along the rim of your asshole is so good. You can recreate that with your finger and some lube, and when you get into it you might find yourself slipping a finger in there.

You only have to put your fingers as far in as you want. It might be that the feeling of your fingertip in your ass is enough to get you off, but you might also want more. If you want to make it more intense, wank off at the same time to give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm that you won’t forget any time soon!

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are great for a number of reasons. They are small enough that you can easily slide them into your ass, and they are often the perfect shape to give you pleasure and make it seem as though your tight ass is being filled and stretched, which is a huge turn on.

It could be that you simply want to slide one in and keep in there, clenched in your ass, while one hand slides up and down your cock and the other fondles your balls. This combination of sensations can make you feel amazing, and you can even rub your ass a little on your seat or bed to move the butt plug a little and give you some great sensations.

There are also plenty of people out there who want to enjoy the feeling of a butt plug in their ass throughout the day, and so they will lube up and slip one in before going out. They might just be popping to the shop and enjoy the thrill of being in public with a sex toy in their ass, and they might be working on stretching their asshole to accommodate something a little bigger. If that is something you like the sound of, why not try it?


Vibrators are pretty intimidating. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and that can put you off using one. However, if you have grown bored of using a butt plug and want something with a little bit of a buzz in your ass, a vibrator is the next step.

Thankfully, the internet is a great place to go toy shopping. You can find plenty of great vibrators that might be the perfect size for you, from small Ben Wa vibrating balls to a beaded prober and anal beads for those feeling more adventurous. The reviews online might even help you further, as many like to say whether these toys are ideal for beginners. Don’t be afraid to shop around as you might find the perfect product for you in just a few clicks.

Are you a big fan of anal play, or is it something you want to experiment with? You can ask your questions on the Escort Ireland forum and join in the discussion over there, or you can tell us your favourite anal play stories by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

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