The TORL Lies Regarding the Movement of Escorts

Here at Escort-Ireland, we try not to jump head-first into the debate over the law changes in regards to the purchasing of sex, for reasons that those in the escort world will be well aware of.


If we say anything against the law, then it’s supposedly because we have a ‘vested interest’ in the situation. We are also viewed as a group who make money from the industry which champions of the Swedish model seek to destroy. Consequently, there will never be any common sense approach taken or attention given in regards to the insight that we have, because it doesn’t suit the blinkered approach of those who refuse to see both the positives and negatives of the changes they wish to drive.

However, we do have the ability to present some facts on occasion and call out the scaremongers who seek to deceive those whom they wish to convince of their ‘riotous cause’.


TORL recently went full “ICI” on us and produced a quite superb piece of content on their Twitter feed, claiming that changes in the North had “worked” and the supply for services had reduced due to a “85% increase in online prostitution in Dundalk”. Their argument was that escorts had moved from the North down to the South to escape the new law.

Now, they offered no facts or reasoning for this comment – just a delightfully positive, yet scary tagline to get people to contact their TD. 2015-07-20 15-38-33

But when you look at the actual figures, from us – the industry leaders, which are provided by a major search engine, you will see that year-on-year searches and visits in Belfast alone are rising and rising. The reduction in “demand” that is claimed is simply a lie, or at best a manipulation of the truth.

If you want to see something truly amazing which proves the lies and deceit from TORL, then take a look here:

The County of Louth had a huge (mind the sarcasm) 38 escorts listed in 2014. Today (20/07/2015) there are 24. That seems a rather huge REDUCTION in “online prostitution” if you ask us. Where is this 85% increase of escorts in Louth then?

Now it’s not for us to say if these lobbyists or the individuals behind such “tweets” are liars and deceivers; we will leave that up to you to decide based on the facts.

Just be careful whose word you take as gospel.

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2 thoughts on “The TORL Lies Regarding the Movement of Escorts”

  1. I think they have got so used to making insane statements without an explanation or facts, they actually now believe their lies and assume everyone else will too. Of course ‘real’ people use their brains and question. Let’s hope there are some real people out there.

  2. Unfortunately most people believe what they are told, more so on social media. Chuck in some fake numbers, a nice logo, some religious rhetoric and hey presto you get yourself a “fact”. They have no concern for those in the industry, they just simply think it’s “wrong”, just come out and say it you cowardly barstewards.

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