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Real talk, a weird rash or an unsightly bump is an utter buzz kill. In the past, one would have had to hobble down to a medical professional, scared and ashamed. Yet in this sexy day in age, STD tests are now available on smartphones. Love is a battlefield and it’s a fact that when you play with fire it’s like playing a game of Russian roulette. If you play the odds however sexy they may be, the chances are that you may one day feel the burn. Luckily, STD tests on smart phones have arrived allowing consumers the important medical knowledge they need with priceless privacy!

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The clinical term for this super cool medical technology is called ‘telemedicine.’ The ‘delivery of health care at a distance’ was inevitable with the amount of smart phones out on the market. Instead of visiting a doctor face to face, now you can manage an appointment via text or video chat. If it strikes you as strange that a doctor can evaluate you from afar, don’t sweat it because a doctor doesn’t need to be physically in the room to treat you. In most cases a medical issue can be handled, diagnosed and even given a prescription without wearing a paper gown.

With Doctor on Demand and other similar services, you can organize a live video appointment using your computer, tablet or phone. The chat does require that you have a device with a camera, a Mic and access to Wi-Fi. It’s as easy as downloading an app or logging into a website. Then you have a real time conversation with a medical professional. Let’s say you have a crusty rash. Snapping and sending a couple close-up photos of the problem area along with a text about the symptoms gives the doctor enough details to make a diagnosis.

Goodbye paper gowns! Hello Smart-phone STD tests!

Telemedicine offers a quick, easy way to conveniently deal with urgent, non-emergency health care needs. It also opens up the hours of operation as many telemedicine companies offer instant access twenty four hours a day. Doctors can easily diagnose many common STDs like herpes and genital warts just by looking at photos, says urologist Brian Steixner, Director of the Institute for Men’s Health at the Jersey Urology Group.

E-visits don’t work for everything like your doctor can’t listen to your heart or lungs or see inside your ear or diagnose an ear infection. Yet even that is slowly changing as hand held technology catches up. Dr. Elliot says Doctor on Demand is testing devices that plug into your phone so one day you’ll be able to send photos of your inner ear or videos of your heartbeat!

If you’ve spied some suspicious activity happening below your belt then try using telemedicine to help you in diagnosing the culprit. STD Triage is an ‘Ask a dermatologist’ app that’s available on iOS and Android and it’s free to download. It costs to submit a case, at which point, you upload two photos of your condition and fill out a basic form. Then a dermatologist replies providing you with a diagnosis and a typical treatment plan.

Telemedicine puts a doctor in your palm!

This day in age is a promising one for doctors and those who don’t have easy access to medical professionals. Just recently, Samual Sia, an associate professor of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University developed a miniaturized version of a diagnostic machine that plugs into a smart-phone. This device is used as a blood test and it can identify infectious and chronic diseases, including hormonal imbalances and vitamin deficiencies. With a simple pinprick and a drop of blood, results can return on your smart-phone’s screen in as little as 15 minutes.

In a pilot study in Rwanda that was published in Science Translational Medicine, health care workers were able to use the device to test for HIV and syphilis. Sia expects that the device would cost only thirty four dollars to manufacture, which is super for developing countries as well as the first world ones.

“There is a tremendous potential to decrease healthcare costs by taking routine testing out of the hospitals and into pharmacies and people’s homes.” Sia told CBS News.

The future is now and the medical breakthroughs that medicine is experiencing in diagnosing STDs through telemedicine is fucking fantastic.

If and when you play the sexy odds and you find yourself in need of some medical expertise, now you know, it’s available on your computer, tablet and smart-phone. Gone are the days of hobbling down to the clinic where you’d painstakingly wait in a paper gown until you had to make awkward conversation with a medical professional. Nowadays you can wear whatever you like, stay wherever you are and simply click on your smart-phone’s app store to download some helpful, discreet telemedicine!

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