The Irish Man’s Perfect Escort | A look inside the sexual preferences of Escort-Ireland users

To resolve the endless confusion around men’s (and more accurately Irish men’s) physical preferences and what they really find to be women’s most valuable attributes, we have decided to conduct a study and settle the debate once and for all. We analysed Escort-Ireland’s top searches across nationalities, hair colours, breast size, height, age, rates and services to create Ireland’s ideal escort and here are the results.


In terms of nationalities, Irish men really do seem to be rather patriotic in their choices, favouring fellow Irish lasses and their British counterparts in the number 1 & 2 spots respectively. However, the next three positions show a staggering contrast with:

3. Chinese

4. Japanese

5. Brazilian

…escorts completing our top five nationalities ranking, showing a nice balance and quite a bit of diversity. The bottom five nationalities in terms of preference were:

  • Guyanese, Mozambican, South Korean, Nigerian and Grenadian

But that doesn’t mean these escorts can’t be hugely successful, as they say, there’s different strokes for different folks and we’re sure there’s a fair share of Irish men for whom a night with one of these beauties would be a dream “cum” true.

Hair colour

Next on our list is the hair colour and given the nationality preferences, the top three are really not surprising. We have:

1. Blonde

2. Red

3. Brunette

Keeping in line with the more traditional tastes, with auburn, grey and no hair at the bottom of this list. Here we can start to see a little bit of a pattern and our model escort is beginning to take shape.

Breast size

Now for probably the most interesting part, the breast size. In this category Irish men have given the more predictable answers, with the vast majority in favour of the:

  • EE
  • F
  • E
  • FF
  • G

…cup sizes. So, in this case, the bigger the better definitely seems the way to go for men in Ireland, which really isn’t surprising if you think about the previous rankings and categories. A predominant or the more stereotypical body type of an Irish woman is typically the more petite, blonde/ redhead with voluptuous curves and a bit of sass. Or if we look at it from a more feminist angle, the modern-day beauty standards and prevalence of cosmetic surgery and unrealistic body expectations in popular media and especially pornography, have probably likewise played a key role in shaping modern men’s tastes.

But who can blame them? After all, excess and sex often go hand in hand and it’s easy to understand the appeal 😉 As far as height, these statistics help to reinforce the preference for the more traditional Irish body type which favours pettiness, with over 60% of men soliciting the services of the shorter escorts between 5’ 5” tall, which reminds me of a joke:
What did an escort say to the leprechaun?
Sorry, you must be THIS tall to ride.


Okay, but what about age? As you can probably guess, most men prefer women on the younger side and that was indeed the conclusion of our investigation. More than 50% of Escort-Ireland users favour women between the ages of 18 and 25, but why might that be? If you think about it, for most men, especially slightly older men, having sex with a young beautiful woman can take them back to the time of their own youthful prime. It lets them relive their glory days and indulge in a little bit of sexual nostalgia. But it’s also interesting to see that this majority if not so overwhelming, its just over a half, which means just under a half of them also like their women a little older, making this by far our most inclusive category.


It comes as no surprise that like any other person, regardless of age, gender, race or situation, the men of Ireland love a good bargain. That’s why when it comes to rates and fees, the lowest ones take the crown:

1. Low = 50€ – 149€

2. Average = 150€ – 200€

3. Elite = 251€ – 400€

4. High = 201€ – 250€

Service preferences

Now the most interesting part are the service preferences, or the favourites, most sought after sexual experiences. Let’s run them down:

  1. Anal receiving
  2. OWO (Oral without condom)
  3. CIM (Cum in mouth)
  4. French kissing
  5. Rimming giving
  6. Webcam sex
  7. GFE (girlfriend experience)
  8. Facials
  9. Anal giving
  10. Squirting

And who said that romance is dead, ey? It’s kind of refreshing and almost staggering to see French Kissing and the Girlfriend Experience ranked at numbers 4 & 7. I guess it goes to show that in Ireland, men value a little more of a connection and romance, as much as some good, dirty sex…which there’s plenty of on this list. Anal giving, receiving and rimming are not at all surprising, the once taboo sexual encounter has become more popular than ever. Many sexologists and sexual psychiatrists even dubbed it the new oral and given just how many nerve endings connected to the genitals there are in that particular area, it’s definitely a must-try.

Throughout history, or more accurately in the more conservative societies and cultures, the male orgasm relied almost exclusively on penis and testicle stimulation which can become quite boring and worn out, especially to the more sexually adventurous types.
No condom oral, cum in mouth and facials seem pretty standard as far as male fantasies go, but the other interesting entry is number 10’s squirting. Again, it’s refreshing to see men particularly turned on by female pleasure and seeking it out so fervently.

Ultimately, it seems that the men of Ireland aren’t as shallow and prejudiced as you might think. The perfect Irish escort then is a young, short, blonde, redhead or brunette from Ireland, Britain, China, Japan or Brazil, with big breasts, low rates and a love for anal play and penis worship. If you are already working as an escort, then Ireland can be a lucrative place to work and there’s only one place you need to advertise:


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