The Girlfriend Experience – A Different Type Of Meeting

We all know the traditional meeting with a sex worker. You go in, pay, have sex, and then leave. It isn’t very passionate but that is OK because you are there for one reason. However, for many that feels like a soulless experience and that is why the girlfriend experience, or ‘GFE’ is becoming such a popular booking.

Lovers kiss on a bed

A Different Type of Appointment

The best way to describe GFE is a meeting where pleasure is reciprocal and there is more intimacy. This is in stark contrast to sessions in other kinds of meeting.

What the GFE actually entails varies from session to session dependent on the escort and how long she is booked for. Often they can go out for dinner and actually act like they are on a date. However, if it is only a 30 minute or an hour one, then it will be difficult, actually impossible to do anything outside the confines of the bedroom.

On a purely sexual note, GFE will involve more kissing than traditional meetings. We have all seen Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts says she doesn’t ‘kiss on the mouth’. Well, with GFE that will happen because that is what a girlfriend would do. Lets face it, it would be a weird relationship if she refused.

There will also be more cuddling, and what you would class as a sexual encounter like you have at home. This may well involve being allowed to give the female escort oral sex so she feels pleasure also, instead of just going straight for the lube and doing anal. Obviously no client should presume what is allowed so that all needs to be discussed before the appointment.

An Older Client

Although it is not a strict rule, the GFE has a tendency to be favoured by more middle aged and older clients. The younger clients have a tendency to want try out new experiences, like anal or CIM. However, the older client may well have tried these kind of things before so actually want a session with warmth and intimacy. As I said that isn’t the case all the time, but it is a pattern that many escorts have noticed.

If you want to try a GFE, then it is clearly marked amongst her favourites. It may not me a traditional type appointment, but giving pleasure to another human being can actually make things better for you. Try it out and you may well see what all the fuss is about.

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