The Father Casey Confessional Cartoons!

Well, as part of the site revamp, we have rebooted the old Father Casey’s Confessions section. We are now bringing you cartoons of the escapades of those naughty readers who write to our resident priest and and bare their soul.

As you can see below, here is one from a guy who has started to have a crush on his work colleague, and is consequently finding himself running to the toilet to jerk off!

Father Casey Cartoon

Father Casey will give you penance to perform, and the clever artists in our office will knock up the cartoon.

Over the years we have had some great confessions. Here are just a few of the best ones.

Naughty Boys and Girls

‘Anonymous’ wrote “Having thoughts about visiting a TS girl and giving her a good fucking up her asshole”

Straight and to the point!

(Another) anonymous user confesses “Dear Father…I got really drunk one night and slept with my boyfriends best friend. We was in a car park and it was all caught on camera. The bad thing is I enjoyed it and I want more”

Firstly, how did she know it was filmed, and secondly, why don’t I ever meet girls like this?

‘Dr Ivory’ writes “Stopped going to see escorts and started seducing women. I know I am messing with their lives, but if she thinks she loves you, she tries harder and its cheaper in the long run. I know its stealing and I should go back to escorts. But there are so many free women out there, its hard to resist the temptation; its hard to do the right thing and pay.

Well, he knows what he should be doing but is doing exactly the opposite. Maybe this guy is the biggest sinner of all?

So do you want to confess to Father Casey? Do you want to see your sins in cartoon form? Just drop us a line and let us know what you have been up to!

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