Swingers Have The Ultimate Sex Party With TV Stars

We all find visiting escorts exciting. Maybe it is because the men and women we meet are so glamorous, they really aren’t the kind of people we would bump in to in the ‘real world’. However, a swinging event has taken this glamorous lifestyle to a whole knew level.

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A couple from the Greater Manchester area were invited to the most exclusive swinging event you could imagine. There they met TV celebs, sports people, actors and singers who wanted to have the ultimate sex party.

The Glamourous Life

Sarah Turner, 24, and her long-term partner Jim Wiseman, 23, from Didsbury were invited to the party in Surrey by friend, but had their £2,000 ticket paid for by a rather rich banker.

This wasn’t any normal swingers party though; only the most beautiful could get in, hence the proliferation of TV idols.

The rules were common sense. Mobile phones were left at the door, no names were asked or given, and everyone wore masks.

Sarah, who works for a digital marketing agency, told the Sun:

“There was a feeling of tension, a sense of excitement that anything could happen.

“There was lots of lacy lingerie and sexy, almost bondage wear, such as corsets and fetish black bras and knickers.

“Then people started to disappear, peeling off in twos and threes…

“The signal that people ‘wanted’ you inside was very subtle, a hand on the back, taking your hand or leaning in for a kiss on the cheek and a whispered invitation.

“Some people were naked, some were still in their underwear, most were having sex or watching.”

Safe sex was the key, with condoms left in every room, and guests encouraged to use them.

Jim, who has a job in the building trade, said: “Sex took place on the cushions and the futons artfully placed around the living room.

“Various scenarios were taking place, men having sex with women while pleasuring another woman, women making love to each other while a man watched.

“Virtually every scenario took place, without any inhibition.

“I was amazed so many well-known people were prepared to take such a risk. There were famous footballers and actors with their wives and partners, captains of industry, TV presenters. It was obvious they do this often as they were so relaxed.”

Bad Luck

However, not many of us are beautiful enough to get into this kind of place, and I’m not sure I have two grand to chuck in for the experience. Let us face it, depending on the price, that to be 20 trips to see escorts. For me, the maths adds up in favour of the companions from our site.

Still, a trip to this kind of party, even if it is just once, would be amazing. I may need to invest in plastic surgery first though!

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