Six of The Most Insane Fetishes You Will Ever Find

Ever since I came to work here, I have become aware that people are incredibly different. Hey, once upon a time I though the trans community and those interested in them were a bit odd. That was soon dispelled. I am adamant that only when you work in the industry do you actually realise how different we all are, yet how we are the same. This job creates a real level of understanding between people which most outside claim they will have, but in reality they still have certain prejudices.

Expression of shock and amazement on face of perfectly looked, young, beautiful woman. Pin-up style make up, and red manicure.

However, there are still fetishes that blow my mind. True as long as they don’t harm anyone else I smile and move on, but that doesn’t stop me from being shocked. However, many do, and others may not be dangerous for other people, but they endanger the individual greatly.

So today we are going to look at some of the weirdest fetishes around. They will range from funny to downright insane.

1) Feederism

This is where people eat loads of food and gain loads of weight in order to get sexual gratification. Often there is a feeder also, who gets off on seeing the other person put weight on.

This fetish is actually very popular. Just look up the hashtags #gainergirl, #feederism (11K posts!) or #bellyhang.


2) Breath Play

Here people asphyxiate themselves. Apparently the cutting off of oxygen from the brain heightens the sensations around the rest of the body. Also, in BDSM, you can’t show more trust or give someone more power to someone that letting them choose if you breathe or not

Well, you don’t need me to tell you how this can go drastically wrong. Stars like Mick Hutchence and David Carradine ending up dying in a compromising positions whilst engaging in this so please, if you have to try it, be careful.


3) Zoophile

Now we are in the realms of weird. This is where people like to have sex with animals.

Obviously most people think this is disgusting, whilst zoophiles will say that the animal actually consents to sex.

I have to say, I am in the camp where this turns my stomach.



These people are sexually aroused by staging and watching a disaster or accident that can potentially be fatal. They then drop their pants and masturbate.

This was covered in the 1973 novel “Crash” by author J.G. Ballard, and the 1996 film adaptation of the same name.


5) Bug Chasing

No, this isn’t about running around after insects. There are people who want to catch HIV. No, this isn’t a joke.

HIV-negative gay men look for HIV-positive men, who they refer to as “gift givers”. They then feel accepted into some sort of ‘brotherhood’.

This isn’t one I would like to be part of.


6) Psychrophilia

Here, those into the fetish enjoy watching people freeze.

Strange yes, but when you consider that it turns ‘Frozen’ and ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ into porn films, it becomes even weirder.


There we have it. I would usually wish you luck in trying the fetishes we speak about out. However, for some of these at least, I can’t actually bring myself to do that!

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