Singing Breasts Advert Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness (Video)

There are few better things in the world than breasts. Whether they are big, small, natural, or enhanced, they are a thing of beauty.

Singing boob

However, something that isn’t beautiful is breast cancer. It takes lives of those young and old. The sooner it is gone from this world, the better. Anything that can be done to help raise awareness is a good thing. Maybe that is why this new advert with singing boobs has sent the internet absolutely crazy.

Everybody Loves Boobs!

Creators behind the “Everybody Loves Boobs” video have stated action was needed to support breast cancer awareness because “social media keeps banning nipples”. They have done this by circumventing Facebook rules by replacing the nipples with singing mouths.

Created by The Help Movement for Breast Cancer (Macma) the Spanish advert shows the importance of undergoing annual checks for both women and men.

The clip begins with a woman wearing a dressing gown, adorned with the logos of Facebook and Instagram on it.

“Social networks continue censoring nipples, even in those cases to make aware about breast cancer. It is time to talk stronger against censorship”, a female narrator is heard saying.

The woman then strips of, to reveal her breasts with a mouth as the nipple.

The mouths start to sing a tribute to breasts. The lyrics say how breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, and are “soft like creme caramel or stiff like flowerpots.”

The song carries on saying: “Although Facebook questions them, everybody love ‘gomas’ (nipples).”

The chorus says: “Everybody love boobs” but that is cut off in the middle by a voice saying: “No, not everybody, cancer hates us”. It then pans to footage of a woman with one boob who has had it removed because of breast cancer.

The video then continues with a message then men and women need to get checked out regularly.

Mixed Reaction

Now it is fair to say that some people thing that this has trivialised breast cancer. Their argument is it is a serious issue, so singing boobs is just stupid titillation (pardon the pun).

However, others say that people have a tendency to tune out to the morose adverts. Firstly because they are depressing, and secondly because we have seen so many of them. This approach actually grabs interest. I can actually see both points.

So, what do you think? Does this trivialise breast cancer, or is it a good way to get the message across? You can pace your vote in the poll below.

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