The Ultimate Sign a Woman is Cheating

Most guys worry about their girlfriend or wife cheating on them. Whether they internalise it, or instead go on a mission with numerous questions or looking through her phone is up to the individual. However, we now have the ultimate sign that a woman is cheating, or is likely to cheat in the future. And as your mate, I am going to bring it you.

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Well, it seems to be that faking an orgasm is the thing that shows that you could be in trouble. Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that women who consistently fake orgasm are more likely to play away.

A Interesting Study

The survey studied 138 women and 121 men in heterosexual relationships and they were asked about their orgasms and their history of cheating.

According to the research, there’s a clear connection between the number of times a woman faked it, and the amount of times she cheated.

Sex expert Dr Tammy Nelson revealed that more women have faked it than not. In fact, 80% of women have been naughty. That for me is a staggering statistic.

I can hear you asking though, why is this the case? Well, there is an answer to that one too(god, I sound like Mel Bernstein from Scarface). Women who fake it seem to not be satisfied by sex, but feel unable to communicate this with their partner. Therefore instead of dealing with the root problem, they go elsewhere to feel satisfied.

Dr Nelson added: “Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for anywhere from seven to 45 minutes, and unless she gives you hints like sighs and moans, you won’t know if you’re even in the ballpark.”

Great Sex Advice From Escort Ireland

Well, she isn’t the only one who can give great sex advice. Our very own Zoe Jaspers did a great piece on the sex mistakes guys make with her. I tell you something, they are likely replicated all over the world so it is well worth a read.

So, if you want to stop your girl having an affair, keep her sexually fulfilled. And if you feel she isn’t, start talking about it and what you could be doing better.
Good sex and communication, the foundation for any good relationship

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