Should You Meet an Escort For Your First Gay Experience?

There are many reasons people go to see escorts. Lots of them just want to meet hot women who they aren’t likely to meet in their own office or normal life. Others want to try things like BDSM which their own partner may be unwilling to do. For every client there is an individual story as to why they like the industry.

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However, one of the more interesting groups are those men who want to venture into the gay world. I am not gay myself but have spoken to a number of men who have tried this, and even if they didn’t end up liking it, it is something they are glad they tried. Ireland is certainly becoming more open when it comes to sexuality, even if the DUP are still in the stone age in the north.

But why is seeing an escort a good idea for guys who want to try man-on-man fun for the first time? Well, today we are going to take a look at it.

1) No-one Else Needs To Know

How can I put this gently? If a guy has sex with another fella, even if he doesn’t like it, if it becomes public his friends are likely to still consider him gay (or bisexual) even if he isn’t. That may not be a bad thing depending on his social circle, but not many people want to be labelled as something they are not.

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Therefore, if he is going to try it, it may well be a good idea to do it with someone he doesn’t know and who would never tell anyone. Then if he wishes to move forward with gay sex being part of his life, it is then up to him who he tells and when.

2) The Escort Will Know What They are Doing

When a man goes out to a club, or onto a dating app, they will meet someone who may want sex with them. However, not every gay person will be used to having sex with a man who is doing something for the first time.

An escort is a professional who will be able to take into account their date’s experience. They will know how not to be rough and will also be able to take things at a speed the newbie will be comfortable with. This will help make the experience a better one than it could otherwise be.

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3) The Newbie Doesn’t Need To Be ‘Good’

When you go out looking for a sexual encounter, it is fair to say that the other person will want you to be good. They want a fun sexual encounter too. This is a universal theme in dating.

Sadly, when someone is trying something as ground-breaking as same-sex sex for the first time, they will understandably not be brilliant at what they are doing. That will be disappointing for the other person, and embarrassing for the newbie, meaning that their first experience may not be fun. How will they know if they REALLY don’t like it when their first time may just have been unpleasant because of this dynamic?

The escort, on the other hand won’t care. They will understand the position you are in, and as long as the newbie gets something out of it, then they will feel the meeting was a success.

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4) You Can Pick Penis Size

This one is often overlooked. When you go onto escort sites, the men will have their penis size stated. Now if you are looking to try gay sex for the first time, you may want to pick a man who isn’t built like a horse. This may make it more comfortable as you dip your toes in the water.

5) The Guys are Hot

Let’s face it, the guys on our site are hot. You really aren’t going to meet guys like this in the local club, are you? So, if someone is going to meet a guy for sex for the first time, then why not make it the best looking guy he can find? It is certainly what I would do.

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No-one can ever say whether a guy will enjoy his first gay experience, but if he does it with an escort then it gets rid of a lot of the other problems that can occur when you embark on this new adventure.

Whether you are a newbie or have done this before, click on the button below.

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