Should you have an Affair with Someone at Work?

For many, the question of having an affair is not about if, but when. Obviously, throughout history, one of the things that has become a staple in making an affair work is to make sure that you do not get emotionally involved with someone from work. There are numerous parables and proverbs throughout the world which state that a person must never engage in an affair with somebody you work with. Have you ever heard the phrase, do not dip your pen in the company ink? Or, how about the phrase ‘getting your honey from the same place where you make your money’? These are just some of the phrases which have become popular over the passage of time, merely reinforcing the fact that having an affair with somebody at work is not really a conventional practice, and should be avoided.

So, the question remains, should you have an affair with someone at work? There are thousands of people who do have relationships at work, while there are those who will strictly go against the policy of dating anybody from their work. In the following article, we will see some pros and cons of having an affair at work, leaving you to weight the positives and negatives:

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You Know Them Anyway

One of the most obvious advantages of having an affair with somebody from your work is the fact that you don’t have to spend numerous months in just getting to know the person. Usually, you’ll be meeting normal partners at bars or in restaurants, and meeting with each other in order to discuss details about your and her life. However, when you are working with somebody, you already get to know them quite easily. After all, you meet them on a daily basis. You don’t need to spend countless hours over a glass of wine talking; you can just sit with them during lunch hour and talk as much as you want.

You Get to Know Them Better

Moreover, you can also spend time chatting them up, or making an impression on them. This is easy, simple and effective. You can know how they are when they are in a temper or drunk, making it simple for you to know both their good as well as bad side. This is one of the biggest pros of starting an affair with somebody from work; you don’t have to work excessively hard towards it. You just go to work and you meet them. Obviously, you go to work properly dressed, making it much easier to meet your partner looking good.

You can Call Them Without it Looking Dodgy

Another great advantage of working together with your partner is the fact that it allows you to completely eliminate the factor of whether calling them or not. Most men or women generally have a very big question to answer for themselves; should you call them or not? Is it much too soon to call them or have you delayed it too much? These are very important things to consider whenever you are looking to start a relationship, and one of the best advantages of being in a relationship at work is that you can call them up at any point in time.

Moreover, you can also talk to them without a second though, making communication easier and simpler. For those who do not know, relationships are generally based upon communication during the early stages of the relationship. At work, however, communication is not even a factor, since it is so simple.

You Can get Intimate Whenever You Want

One of the biggest advantages of having an affair at work is that you will be able to make out whenever you want to! Just stick around in the office after hours, find a closet or an empty room and just get at it! You don’t need to worry about finding places or look here and there for quiet spots in order to spend some peaceful time together! Moreover, you can also create a lot of memories at work; stealing sly smiles and winks while in the conference room is a sure-fire way of feeling good about yourself. Not only does it help your confidence; but it will also help your partner in feeling closer to you!



You Won’t Be Able to see Anyone Else From Work, Ever!

The biggest disadvantage of starting an affair with somebody at work is that you will never be able to start a relationship with somebody else. This is like being in the vicinity of your ex all the time, and no matter how indifferent you or she acts at that time, there will always be a feeling of discomfort between you two. Therefore, you should know that if you start a relationship with somebody from work, you are effectively closing the door on yourself from any other advances or romantic affairs from anybody at work.

It can Hurt You Job Performance

One of the biggest cons of starting an affair from somebody at work is the fact that you will always be putting extra effort in how you look and how you behave at work. This is slightly non- productive, because there will be a feeling inside you continuously that you are about to meet that person in just a matter of hours again, and so you should be looking as good as possible. Moreover, you will always be looking for ways to make yourself look good and to steal his attention in no matter what he does. Therefore, you will continuously be trying new ways in order to impress that one person, which often deviates you from your work ethic.


It can make Work Uncomfortable

Another big disadvantage is that if you just give a compliment to your partner, strictly in official terms, the whole office is just going to roll their eyes because everybody already knows that you are sleeping together with each other. And then, there’s the biggest disadvantage of working with each other in an office; you can get fired. Most offices have serious codes about working in an official environment, and making sure that co-workers are not emotionally attached to each other is a number one priority in a lot of offices.

The Break Up Can Be a Disaster

When it is going well it may be fine. All good things come to an end however, and if your affair come to an end it can get really messy. It is not like you can ignore them and not see them, they will be there every day. That can seriously affect your work and mental state!

Other Options

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to initiate a relationship from somebody at work or not. A lot of people will go down the route of visiting a Cork escort as it can be a lot less hassle.

The choice though, is yours!

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