The Seven Deadly Sins In Bed And How To Avoid Them

We all know about the seven deadly sins. They are the seven things all people are guilty of in some way, and you can find every single one of these sins in the bedroom. Yes, probably yours too. So, what are they are how do you avoid them?
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Identifying which sin (or sins) you are guilty of is a challenge. You must take a really good look at you and your partner and be honest. If you are guilty of any, don’t panic! Below are some hints and tips on avoiding these sins and turning them into a strength instead of a weakness.


The most common of the sins, lust is in every bedroom. You long for your partner and cannot wait to have them, and so you want to rush through things. Often, many will spend a lot of time during the day thinking about sex and just what they will do to their partner when they get home after a long day at work.

Every time you think about sex during the day, make a note. When you meet up with your partner, however many times you thought of sex during the day is how many minutes of foreplay you must perform on each other. Add some extra time to it to ensure you give each other as much pleasure as possible before diving in.


Food in the bedroom can go one of two ways. One, it is fantastic and the most fun you’ve had for a long time. Two, it ends up a sticky horrible mess that you never want to try again. As you might imagine, gluttony in the bedroom is using food in the wrong way.

Honey, squirty cream, and melting chocolate might sound like a fantastic idea but putting it all over your body will just make you stick there. Instead, opt for light, sweet food that doesn’t make a lot of mess. Marshmallows, cherries, strawberries, and chocolates work better than the messy foods, and it means more fun for you both.


I’m sure we have all been guilty of it at some point. We want all of the attention in the bedroom for ourselves, and are too selfish to share the pleasure with our partner.

Next time you catch yourself being greedy, take a step back. What does your partner love most of all? If she enjoys you licking her until she cums, or having you tease her by rubbing your hands all over her body, do that. Keep doing it until she begs for you to take her. It will make it much more fun for you both.
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If you’re going to have sex – do it properly. Don’t just do the things that make it easier for you, like kissing your partner to turn her on before lying back and waiting for her to do all the work. Being too lazy in the bedroom is the reason that many couples have trouble – they fall into a routine.

Combat sloth by getting more active in bed. It may be tiring at first if you aren’t used to it, but it is a great way to change things up in the bedroom and try out new ideas. New sex positions to try are everywhere and all you need it a little imagination and some patience to make them work for you both.


Sitting in the pub on a Friday night and hearing your best friend brag about his latest conquests can be irritating – especially when they sound so much better than the sex you are currently having.

They say that envy is an ugly thing, and being jealous of the bedroom antics of others can be damaging to your relationship. Instead, talk to your partner about the things you most want in the bedroom. Choose to do something new and exciting, such as having a threesome. You will learn what the fuss is about and have great fun doing it.


Personally, I have encountered Pride in person. An ex of mine thought he was the most amazing lover who had ever graced the planet. It turns out a lot of his ex-girlfriends had been faking it with him, and so thought there was something wrong with me if I didn’t immediately orgasm from him touching my breasts.

Guilty of being too proud of your skills in the bedroom? Try something new, something completely out of your comfort zone, to bring you down a peg. Not only will it get you out of the sex routine you are threatening to fall into, but it will also allow you to learn something new.
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I will hold my hands up and say that I have done this. After a bad day at work or an argument with a partner, I would get home and push away the guy I was seeing because I just didn’t feel up to it. If I was angry at them and forgave them, I’d still cling to my frustration a little longer to make myself feel better.

Having sex when you are feeling low can be a great way to bring your mood back up. The fun of sex is that you can just let go and be free with another person, so even if you are a little angry and frustrated with the day – have sex. It could work out to be some of the best sex you have.

Which of the sins are you guilty of? You can share them by leaving a comment below or see what others are saying over on the Escort Ireland forum.

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