Seven Crazy Facts About Orgasms!

We all know that orgasms are the release of the sexual tension in the body. It seems to be coming in four stages. First we feel the excitement, then we feel an ascension until the climax appears. Last, we have our recovery.

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Like anything we experience, orgasms have their own side effects. So, we get to breathe heavily, our heart rate accelerates and the most important part of it, we get to be surrounded by the divine feeling of euphoria. There is no sign of anxiety, fear of worry because the all mighty orgasm kills them all.

However, not all orgasms are the same. Not even the same person can have identical feelings every time a climax occurs. So, we definitely can’t describe all human beings’ orgasms in a few sentences. Yes, I know that romantic movies taught us there is not sexual experience if it doesn’t end with mind blowing orgasms for both people, most of the times simultaneously. Oh well…guess what?

Some Women Never Reach It

It’s time to forget what romantic comedies told you until now. Paris won’t give you an orgasm if you are one of the 10 percent of women who never had an orgasm. This is a condition known an anorgasmia and it means not even masturbation can make the ladies come.

Why does this happen? Well, it might be because of some health problems, medications taken and even body image issues. Yes, confidence is important even when it comes to climaxing.

So, what should you do if your lady can’t climax? Well, try again and again and if it doesn’t work, she might need a therapist to help her deal with the real problems that aren’t related to the sexual encounter.

What’s Your Drug of Choice?

While there are many women who never experience an orgasm, it seems that men’s orgasms stimulate the same area of the brain as heroin does for an addict. Really? How is that fair?

Well the studies that sustain this theory confirm that sex is addictive but we already knew this, right?

You Can Climax without Genital Stimulation

You all know that sex brings you relaxing orgasms. Well, according to scientists who studied this matter, orgasms can be reached without even stimulating the genital area. There seem to be many other parts of the body that can take you down to the paradise city!

So…Boobgasms Are Real!

You all know that boobs aren’t on women’s body just to feed babies or for men’s pleasure. It has been discovered that stimulating a lady’s breasts, especially her nipples releases oxytocin, causing the same vaginal movements that lead to climaxing. Interesting, right? Who is ready to try this?

Orgasms Kill Pain

And this is the news people all over the world were waiting for: orgasms can be used as painkillers. So, if you have a migraine, don’t take pills, just have sex until you climax. According to the study not only does an orgasm a day takes the pain away, but it works a lot faster than pills.

Amazing news, right? However, not for the ladies who like using the “headache excuse…”

How to Trick Prostate Cancer

Orgasms can be good for some things more important than the easy headaches. It has been discovered that the more you orgasm the fewer chances of getting prostate cancer you have.

So, my dear friends, this is your excuse for wanting sex all the time. Also, it can be a pretty good reason to see some really talented escorts. And I thought that it being a migraine cure would blow your minds…

Let the Man Sleep!

Women all over the world are angry when their beloved partner comes, moans of pleasure and then immediately starts snoring.

Well, miladies, it’s not his fault and it’s definitely not yours. No, I mean it! Unlike female orgasms, it seems that the males’ ones make their brains release some chemicals that bring tiredness. So, ladies, let the man sleep!

These are the seven facts about orgasms I chose for today. If you have something else to add please comment in the box below. In addition, you can have some start dissecting this subject with other passionate people, on out online escorting community. Who doesn’t want to talk about orgasms?

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